Oreo Cookie Flavors Ranked By Deliciousness

Oreo Cookie Flavors Ranked By Deliciousness

Earlier this week, TIME broke the story that Oreo is going to be making a limited edition Cinnamon Bun-Flavored cookie that will feature “a cinnamon cookie” and “cinnamon bun flavored creme.” And of course, the Internet flipped out.

I personally think that sounds kind of gross – if I want a cinnamon bun, I’m just going to go get an actual Cinnabon. But it did get me thinking. When I was a kid, the only Oreo option available was the classic chocolate cookie with vanilla cream. But now, there are like a zillion Oreo options. Ok, maybe not a zillion, but even if you rule out the tons of special edition flavors they come out with, such as Cookie Dough, S’mores, Cotton Candy, and Red Velvet, there are still plenty of Oreo options to choose from. And it’s damn time that someone power ranked them.

14. Peanut Butter

I love peanut butter. I love chocolate. But I do not love weird peanut butter “crème.”

13. Heads and Tails

For those of you that simply cannot decide between the classic Oreo and the golden Oreo, Nabisco decided to bring you the interracial marriage of heads and tails, with one golden cookie and one chocolate cookie. The problem is, as good as they are apart, they are not so good together. Time for a divorce.

12. Lemon Crème /Chocolate Berry Crème Oreo

Nabisco, stop trying to make fruit-flavored Oreos happen! It’s not going to happen!

11. Double Stuf /Triple Stuf Oreo/Mega Stuf

Going against the popular theory that the best part of an Oreo is the cream filing, I actually like the cookie part the best. So the double/triple/mega stuf versions just don’t do it for me. (Insert inappropriate sex joke about getting double/triple stuffed here).

10. Chips Ahoy Oreo Crème

As much as I love Oreos, Chips Ahoy are actually my favorite store bought cookie. I am a plebeian, I know, but I just like a cheap crispy chocolate chip cookie. So you would think that I’d be thrilled with the combination of the Chips Ahoy cookie with the creamy Oreo center, but the results are just meh.

9. White Fudge

Maybe I have a dirty mind, but I can’t get past what it looks like is happening to that cookie on the package. I’ll dip Oreos in lots of things – milk, coffee – but what it looks like it’s getting covered in there is not an option for me – cookie wise, anyway.

8. Reduced Fat

Truth be told, I’m kind of an elitist when it comes to cookies. I bake a lot, so I simply like homemade cookies better. And since a lot of the baking I do is low-fat, I’m definitely a reduced fat cookie snob. But for a store bought reduced fat option, these aren’t bad.

7. Fudge Crèmes

So you are going to take an Oreo and cover it in fudge? Cool. I mean, you could cover pretty much anything in fudge and I’d still eat it, so I’m probably not an unbiased judge in this case.

6. Chocolate Crème

So instead of dipping it in fudge, you just turn the vanilla crème into chocolate? Also cool.

5. Golden Oreo

It’s hard to believe, but sometimes a girl just doesn’t feel like chocolate. I mean, it only happens about once every decade, but it does happen. So Oreo decided to create the cookie for that rare occasion. The only problem is, I’m not exactly sure what the cookie is supposed to taste like.

4. Oreo Thins

Classic Oreos but just thinner so I can eat twice as much and pretend I’m healthy? Sold!

3. Mint Oreo

How much are Thin Mints from the Girl Scouts nowadays? Like $17.99 a box? And never mind that you have to buy them during cookie season and hoard them like an 18 year old virgin hoards porn on his laptop. But luckily now, for about $3.49 a box, you can get this reasonably decent facsimile at your grocery store all year round. And they even come in the “thin” version if you are trying to cut back.

2. Birthday Cake

Originally debuted for Oreo’s 100th anniversary in 2012, they stuck around to become a permanent part of the Oreo line up. And for good reason: as one reviewer on Amazon put it, “They are like having sex on ecstasy.”

1. Classic Oreo

What can I say? I’m a purist at heart.

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