My Fall Aesthetic, Part III: Layer Season

Naysayers will say that “fall” doesn’t technically start until the Autumnal Equinox on September 22nd. But they couldn’t be more incorrect.

Growing up in an area that reaches peak color sometime around the first week of October, you could feel the fall days starting to seep into the calendar in late August. After moving to Texas where it remains hot for all of September and October, you’d think my biological clock would change. But it hasn’t. The second August is over, I’ve mentally checked out of summer. It’s fall, and I want every extremity of my body covered by at least two layers of fabric. You know, except maybe my upper shin and knee area because wearing long underwear under pants is uncomfortable unless you’re in sub-zero temperatures.

But with declining temperatures comes the one part of fall fashion that we all relish – layers.

Turning yourself into a human seven-layer dip is what fall’s all about. Just ask noted fashion influencers Shia LaBeouf, A$AP Rocky, and Jonah Hill.

I know, I gasped too when I saw how striking both of them were those Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T Pullovers. Both styled completely in their own unique ways, both are pulled off with the style and grace of two dudes who clearly get fits off at a rapid clip.

Shia LaBeouf

Sure, he’s recently been arrested for what might be one of the worst looks you could have while getting arrested. And yeah, he’s not exactly the most mentally stable person in the world. And of course, he was caught red-handed trying to pass off a freestyle rap as his own.

But have mercy, look at how he pulls this fleece off while running errands in New York City. The hoody under. The iPhone in the chest pocket. The black jeans. The watch hanging out of the cuff just begging to say, “hello.” The to-go salad from Whole Foods. It just screams, “Fall’s here and I’m ready to drink myself stupid on pumpkin-flavored beers.” Actually, he’s probably more of a whiskey guy but that’s neither here nor there.

Shia’s clearly going for a more casual look in this instance. He’s not ready to hit the ground running for a night out. The pilling on the fleece indicates that this fleece has been around the block a few times while the tattered hoodie is more utilitarian than ready for the runway. But a clinic in layering nonetheless, especially when you loop a hoodie in.

Jonah Hill

See, even Jonah Hill agrees.

He’s wearing a white hoodie (acceptable after Labor Day, people) under not one, but two jackets. He even tossed a flip phone in there to make sure you still respect the 90s. Classic.

A$AP Rocky

On the other end of the spectrum, we have noted rapper and pretty face A$AP Rocky. Yeah, I said he has a pretty face and that’s because he has a pretty face. Even Kendall Jenner thinks so which says something. If all the aforementioned are onboard, uh, yeah, you probably should be too.

It’s difficult to tell in the above photo because he’s lighting what appears to be a rolled marijuana cigarette (I’m told they’re called “blunts” or “joints” depending on the wrapper), but it appears as though he’s taking this Synchilla Snap-T and taking the snaps all the way to the upper-deck. Sure, he may be leaving one unbuttoned for optimal range and general neck freedom, but a lot of tastemakers do that. Such as myself. Humblebrag City.

Exhibit A


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Exhibit B

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I’ll say it now and I’ll echo this as we dive deeper into fall aesthetics moving forward – just like I’m all-in on pleated pants, I’m all in on covering the neck just as I was during Fall ’14 and Winter ’15. Top-deck buttoning? In. Turtlenecks? In since 2014. Popped rugby collars? Yep, in. But more on rugbies in future installments of the hottest series to ever sweep The Internet, My Fall Aesthetic.

Oh, wait, and did someone fail to mention turtleneck sweaters? Because Dylan McDermott sure as shit didn’t.

Dylan McDermott

Wow, did you really think we were going to get through the first day after Labor Day without discussing Dylan McDermott’s sweater in Miracle on 34th Street? Didn’t think so.

Put on your tortoise-rimmed reading glasses and hold onto your butt, because this sweater is an all-timer.

Dylan McDermott

Is he wearing a camel sweater underneath a camel topcoat at the fucking dinner table while carving a goddamn turkey? You bet your wool socks he is.

J.Crew carried a very similar sweater in last year’s F/W collection. While I didn’t buy because I was gunshy, I tried it on and looked incredible in it – and you will too. I promise. When you show up to the bar the night before Thanksgiving with a cable turtleneck sweater on and a Bell’s Lager of the Lakes in a roadie cup, pretty much every girl you dated in high school will be begging to sleep with you in your childhood bedroom at your parents’ house afterward. And that’s what fall’s all about.

Next week? The Great Outdoors.

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Will deFries (Twitter / Instagram) is a Senior Editor at Grandex and the world's foremost authority on Sunday Scaries (Twitter / Instagram).

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