Millennials Are Unsurprisingly The Most Likely Group To Swear At Work

Millennials Are Unsurprisingly The Most Likely Group To Swear At Work

As a female working my way up in a male-dominated industry, my workplace behavior has often taken me by surprise. I graduated high school in 2009, when we were lucky to even be considered for employment, much less the kind of stable career path our parents and grandparents were used to. When we did ultimately get jobs, we were taught that we should never do anything to screw up our chances of remaining employed, so we kept our heads down, didn’t negotiate pay, and took orders we normally never would have considered. After years of this kind of behavior, I had learned to know my place in the workforce which mostly meant keeping my mouth shut and going into work every day hoping I wasn’t going to get fired.

Now, almost a decade later, things could not be more different. Instead of the subservient behavior that I was used to, working in a fast-paced business industry as a female in the vast minority of employees meant I had to change my behavior dramatically in order to keep up. I grew some lady-balls and learned to speak up in meetings to be heard by my male coworkers. I took a more dominant approach to my work behavior, taking the initiative when otherwise I would have waited to be told what to do. Finally, I had to adjust my behavior to fit in with my male coworkers. I now pound one too many beers at the work happy hour, tell jokes my mother probably wouldn’t approve of, and, of course, curse often.

As it turns out, I’m not alone. A new study from Wrike, a work-management platform, shows that millennials like to curse at work. A lot. In a survey of female millennial managers, Wrike found that around three-quarters of them swear at work, as opposed to 58 percent of Boomers and Gen X-ers in the same role. Honestly, in my experience, I’m not surprised. On top of this, only around two-thirds of millennials in general swear at work, making females disproportionately higher to curse in the workplace. Dammit, we just need to be respected, okay?

Oh, and apparently, swearing at work is actually a pretty good thing. Sorry, mom. Close to half of millennials prefer swearing at work, and around a third of survey respondents say that swearing means you’re passionate about your work and that it can make your team stronger. Honestly, if you’ve ever shared with your office-mates how much of a fucking idiot your primary customer is, you can probably relate. I’ve gotta get back to my shitty job, but at least I know that calling it shitty isn’t going to put me on the fast-track to unemployment anytime soon.

[via Herald News]

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