Leftovers Make The World Go Round

Leftovers Make The World Go Round

“Would you like a box for leftovers?”

We’re in that position quite often. A long day at the office and you need some food, except you don’t really feel like cooking. Most days, I drudge through my go to “I’m too lazy to make dinner” repertoire of making burritos, breakfast for dinner or a frozen pizza. I love to cook, but there are certainly days where I don’t have it in me.

Generally speaking, when I make food, I don’t really ever have a set plan in terms of how much gets made. I just make whatever I have on hand and the rest goes into Tupperware to be consumed later. This process also lends itself to having lunch for days. Whenever I have tailgates or dinner parties, there are always ample leftovers that I either have people over to eat more or send them home with food. Either way, I find it comforting knowing that I have it sitting in the refrigerator.

Leftovers are the lifeblood of work lunches and many dinners. I try to make Sunday my meal planning day and cook for a few days. Planning for the week helps a lot and assists in the “try not to get fat” department. Getting take out has a cascading effect in life: you get fatter, while in turn you have to buy new clothing and have less money to spend on student loans. Although it does get a bit lonely when others go out to eat while I have my turkey wrap, the costs of not spending money outweigh the ostracized feelings.

I honestly have no idea how people afford to go out to eat as much as they do. I maybe go out once every week or two to a cheap but delicious and fulfilling Mexican place. Every day, my group email sends out a restaurant where they are ordering from. EVERY DAY. How do people afford to do this? It astounds me that people have the spare cash flow to spend $10-15 a day on lunch. Quite honestly, I’d feel guilty pissing away $200 a month, which equates to a robust grocery store visit, on what amounts to delicious yet terrible-for-you takeout.

As someone who is quite dedicated to leftovers, there are a few tips I’ve picked up over the years. How many times have you drunk-ordered a pizza and either passed out or went to bed before finishing it? Generally, I eat it cold because I love cold pizza, but if you have a cast iron pan (you should), heat it up, throw on your ‘za, sprinkle on a few drops of water and put a lid on it. It’ll steam the pizza, rehydrating the cheese. Everyone knows day-old fries are gross, but go ahead and turn on that oven and bake them for 10 mins on 350. Leftover Chinese? Some soy sauce or water will make that dried up rice heat up and make it almost as good as the day before, if you could ever call Chinese takeout good.

Sometimes, saving half the burger you ordered for later is a wise move; you don’t have to feel like a piece of shit for cleaning the plate and you get a meal later. Whether its Thanksgiving foods, leftover steak (I’ve eaten cold steak with my bare hands so many times I can’t even count) or pizza on the floor leftover from the night before, there is really no wrong way to do it.

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