If You Want A Ton Of Vacation Time, You Should Work At One Of These 25 Companies

If You Want A Ton Of Vacation Time, You Should Work At One Of These 25 Companies

Unfortunately for us, it’s been well documented that millennials are one of the hardest-worked generations ever. Not only are we obsessed with slaving away to achieve work martyr status, but we’re giving up well-earned vacation days to do so. While some of that may be because of when we entered the workforce, some of it definitely has to do with our employer’s attitude toward giving their employees ample time off. If your boss gives you a month of vacation and not only encourages you but demands you take it, you’ll be able to relax, turn off your work e-mail, and come back to the office well-rested and productive after taking a prolonged va- or stay-cation.

Of course, some companies do a better job with granting time off than others. Thankfully for us, job-search site Glassdoor helped us out by analyzing their data to find the 25 best companies for granting employees vacation time. Each company is granted a vacation “rating,” which roughly corresponds to the number of days of vacation and PTO offered, combined with employers’ attitudes about taking them. Without further ado, I present to you the 25 companies that you definitely wish you worked for.

25. Eastman Chemical
24. Humana
23. Progressive
22. Liberty Mutual
21. Deloitte
20. Microsoft
19. T-Mobile
18. Intel
17. FedEx
16. Nokia
15. KPMG
14. JP Morgan Chase
13. Kaiser Permanente
12. American Express
11. Ericcson-Worldwide
10. Accenture
9. Capital One
8. Costco
7. General Motors
6. Salesforce
5. Monsanto
4. Google
2. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
1. Amgen Inc.

Unsurprisingly, a large number of tech companies are scattered throughout this list, but or those of us who passed up coding in high school, we’re not entirely out of luck either as a variety of other companies are taking charge of taking care of their employees. It’s definitely heartening to see huge companies such as Google, Chase, and Microsoft taking charge and setting examples for the rest of us. Of course, some of the larger companies have more resources and are therefore more able to grant time off, so hopefully for your vacation allotment, you work for a national organization instead of a local Mom and Pop. With holiday season coming up, here’s hoping that your employer gives you enough vacation days – or at least will let you work remotely for Christmas.

[via Glassdoor]

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