I Flew First Class And I’ll Never Fly Coach Again

I Flew First Class And I'll Never Fly Coach Again

Based on my previous traveling experiences, flying is the way to go. When I was a kid, my parents insisted on making the drive to Florida, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. The two-day trek across America is just not worth it. Your ass gets tired from sitting in a car for that long and there are only so many entertainment options before you start wondering if this vacation was even worth it. Flying, on the other hand, is a breeze. You’re at your destination that spans the time of a short nap. It’s perfect.

But, confession time: I am 26 years old, and I had never had the privilege of flying up with the royals of first-class. To put it bluntly, I was economy-class scum for all of my life. Left to ponder what it’s like to fly with the added legroom, the ability to get more than one drink without pissing off the flight attendants, and maybe even getting a snack that wasn’t a handful of old peanuts. So when the time came to book flights to New York City for our New Year’s Eve trip, I stared long and hard at the first class option. Eventually, I pulled the trigger and bought the damn tickets. And buyer’s remorse began to set in — mind you I was also shelling out nearly $2K just for a hotel.

The day came for our trip to the airport, and I was like a kid on Christmas morning, just excited to start this trip off on the right foot. The first perk of flying first class was that we each got a checked bag for free. This was huge because, well, homegirl packed like three suitcases just for a five-day trip while all I had was one carry-on and a suit. But the real majestic part of the flight came as soon as we boarded where we were greeted with hot towels and drinks prior to even departing from the gate. Free mimosas? Don’t mind if I do.

We depleted American of their champagne on the flight.

We depleted American of their champagne on the flight.

It only got better from there: the free blanket, the seats that reclined further than those ones that the peasants in the back were sitting in on this 3.5-hour flight, and the service. In addition to the free drinks, we were even blessed with a free meal. Now, I had already enjoyed two brisket breakfast tacos from Salt Lick while at the airport, but daddy wasn’t about to pass up free french toast that had an aroma that would make even the strongest-willed man hungry.

And oh yeah, the bathroom was at the front with no wait – which was good because after the fourth mimosa, I needed to break the seal. A mistake I regret making given the length of the flight ahead of me. We even drank American dry of all of their champagne. No worries, though, as they were fully stocked with Bloody Marys. I helped myself to two of these and a beer as we were getting closer — needed to sober up some so I could tell those NYC cabbies where to go, ya know?

I received the same A++ service on my flight back home as well. Only this time, they had enough wine to keep up with my demand.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to dip your toes into the first-class water, then you should do it ASAP. You won’t ever want to go back to the plebeian class. As I sit here and plan for our trip to Rome in the summer, you already know your boy is booking first. Well, at least business.

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