I Can’t Wait To Be A Homeowner So I Can Bitch At Neighbors About Random Stuff Like This: Donald Trump

I Can’t Wait To Be A Homeowner So I Can Bitch At Neighbors About Random Stuff Like This

I’m all in on the Neighborhood App. Next time they’re looking to raise a little capital, I’m definitely in for a few hundred bucks. After last week’s breakdown, we received so much gold that I think we’re making this a weekly series. From that rush of user submitted ‘tent, we received this politically charged conspiracy that might damn well tear a neighborhood apart.


Hell yes. Last time I checked we had a little thing called the First Amendment. Really putting the block on notice here, but they had to realize that anything Trump related would probably draw a few people offside.


Ok. A little support from the squad. After dropping this in there, I can only imagine what thoughts were going through this courageous soul’s head.


Is this the true villain here? You could have glossed over it, but you had to ratchet it up. You really did a disservice to the neighborhood.


Technically right. This was only advocating against a candidate, so they aren’t wrong.


Abort. This is going down a road that none of us want to go down.


Oh, God. This is where we are in 2016 America.


Oh, shit. They about to square up? I love that this has devolved into an all out fight over the purpose of a fucking phone app.




Hell nah. Don’t you dare bring the dog into this.


Oh, snap. Clap back, y’all.


Valid question, and the answer is nothing. To bring dogs into this is low rent, and the act of a desperate neighbor.


Knockout blow. Once you move onto grammar, there’s no coming back. This block is hot.

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