Hobbies I’d Like To Take On If I Wasn’t Busy As Fuck

Hobbies I'd Like To Take On If I Wasn't Busy As Fuck

Like everybody else, I’m pinched for time. My current sport, business, is a 24/7 game. No days off. Even on weekends, I’m in the cage taking swings. So yeah, there’s a bunch of stuff I’d love to be getting into, but my time management sitch just isn’t there yet.

Watch Veep

“Funniest show on tv.” – People disgusted with me.

I have a long and illustrious history with playing television grab-ass. I’ll take your recommendation, tell you that I’ll consider it, then watch an episode or two over the next few weeks. Rarely does it amount to anything more than me thinking, “Wish I had time to power through this series.” That’s where I’m at with Veep right now. My wife is watching it, and I’ll occasionally sit in for an episode. I like what’s being offered up, but 6 seasons? That’s gonna take a sabbatical.

So you don’t completely hate me, I think it’s worth noting that I’m currently in season four of House Of Cards. Also worth noting that I got in late and missed the first two seasons. At least I have those to look forward to.

Jiu Jitsu

Badass dudes do jiu jitsu. Cage fighters, Joe Rogan, Jocko. Hell, Anthony Bourdain and Guy Ritchie are out there rolling. I’m not trying to make a run at the 145 lb. division, but with so many of my favorite people singing its praises, I feel like I’m really missing out on something. Honestly, can you be into jiu jitsu and not have edge? I’m not sure that’s possible.

For me, swapping out a Gold’s Gym session to hit the mat probably wouldn’t be difficult, but I’m honestly wondering if the recovery time would kill me. I’m one of those guys who stays sore for four days after going hard on leg day.


Remember this?

I’m still in the planning phase of my yoga journey. Preparation is always key, even if said preparation lasts four months. Critics have asked, “Just go to a class, man. Not that big of a deal.” To them I say, back off, dude. I’ve got a bunch of shit going on. This website isn’t going to grow itself.


I ain’t talking about trolling for strange in a comment section, folks. This ones for all my real suppers out there. The stand up paddle boarders. I need to be one of the 10,000 millennials on Lake Austin at any given moment paddling around searching for purpose. I’m a 15 minute walk from the Lake, so I really have no excuse for not making this happen.

Fly Fishing

Every guy I knew who fly fished in college was a guy I’d hang out with. Some of the most tasteful potheads you’ll ever stumble upon. I think the stoner phase window has closed for me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t spend a couple weekends a year tossing some tight loops with my fly rod.

Side note: I’ll never forget the hit job the movie Old School did on fly fishermen. Making Dean Pritchard, noted antagonist, an avid outdoorsman was an attack on chill outdoors dudes everywhere. Nobody talks about that, though.


Everyone I know who has taken up painting raves about the therapeutic effects of the brush. Granted, that’s only like 2 people, but these are 2 people I trust. And let me clarify that when I say painting, I mean actually creating a visual of a dog, lake, river, golf course, or a dog (it’s gonna be a fucking dog, isn’t it?); not just slinging paint on a canvas and leaving it up to your interpretation. I don’t want you seeing Che Guevara on a longboard in my art, good sir. I’m old school. Get your modern bullshit out of here.

You know what really made me want this? W. 43. You probably saw the media blitz for Portraits Of Courage, but our former president is all in on painting now. He’s finding his “inner Rembrandt” while I’ve been out here finding my inner Rogan. That’s awesome. And please, spare me your scorching war criminal takes (check the responses on the tweet below). All of the profits for this book go to the Bush Presidential Center, a non-profit that helps vets and their families transition into civilian life. Buy it here if you’re interested. Remember, we may receive a commission on purchases through the Amazon Affiliate Program.

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