Guys, It’s Time To Reconsider The “Mani-Pedi”

Guys, It's Time To Reconsider The "Mani-Pedi"

There are things men should never do as a manly man. These are unwritten laws that have been passed down generation to generation since the dawn of time during the caveman era (trust me, I was one class short of a history minor). Just a few of these ancient rules are never ask for directions, never ride a tandem bike, watch anything other than a Lifetime channel program, and never ever get a mani-pedi.

This past weekend, I broke one of these fundamental rules. I visited an establishment that cures damaged hands and feet with my wife. In other words, I got what women adore and call a “mani-pedi” at a nail salon. To be completely honest with you internet strangers, I actually enjoyed it. Before you chastise me, just hear me out.

The summer before I went off to college, I built a garage from the ground up for my dad. It was his way of teaching me how tough work is without a college education. I did the framing, the drywall, the electric work, insulation, and even the roofing during a 110-degree summer (if you’ve done roof work, you know how much hotter it is on top of that black surface). That job, mixed with four years of college soccer and all the weight lifting sessions associated with that, left my hands forever cracked, peeling and dry. Three years removed from college and into the world of finance, I know how awful it is to shake hands so rough you’d assume they enjoy high-fiving a cheese grater in their downtime. Sitting in my massage chair, I realized that a manicure is about as important as shined shoes. Successful people notice the smallest of details and well-taken care of hands might be the difference maker.

Two decades of sports will do some ungodly things to your feet. To give you perspective, I once stepped on a thumbtack… I didn’t feel a thing AND I was sober. If you’ve got inches of calluses, a bunion or if your toenails look like a decade old Frito chip, it’s time for a pedicure, my friend. If you’re concerned about what the squad will think, tell the person to go easy and leave some of the roughness.

The overall feel of both manicures and pedicures are fantastic and completely underrated. During the session, getting a hot towel on your hands and feet is a real game changer. Adding to that relaxing sensation, most will give you a lengthy leg/arm massage while you sit in a massage chair. The feeling afterwards may actually be worth the tab all by itself. The stress is gone and your legs feel light, which could be attributed to the five pounds of dead skin that was scraped off my feet. If you have really rough hands, your sense of touch is intensified. You can’t beat that, guys.

Say what you will and judge me all you want, but I fully enjoyed my time at Pretty Nail (either the owner didn’t know singular/plural words or apparently just one nail will be pretty). The wine may have been cheap Barefoot merlot and I was being up sold by someone I could hardly understand, but I felt like royalty. I regret nothing.

Next week, join me as I experience the romanticism of riding a tandem bike. Kidding.

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