Guy Gets Invited to Random Dude’s Bachelor Party By Accident, Is Still Going

Man Gets Invited To Stranger's Bachelor Party, Is Going

Imagine for a minute that you’re sitting at your desk in your office and you get an email like this:


Has anyone else noticed now that Jeff has been rocking the beard for a while – he looks like a middle aged Pavarotti? At times, he also has ventured into a bit of hipster phase. In addition to publicly questioning his fashion choices, his bachelor party will be a good time for us to celebrate him leading up to his wedding.”

And just like that, you’re in the midst of a crazy, back-and-forth email thread about a guy’s bachelor party. Only, you’ve never met this “Jeff” fellow, and you’re not sure why you’re on a thread about the last night of freedom for a Pavarotti-looking motherfucker. What’s the only appropriate response? Going to the goddamn bachelor party anyway, that’s what, as any self-respecting bro would do. And that’s exactly what happened to Joey DiJulio, who will be flying from Seattle to Philadelphia to attend the bachelor party of Jeff Minetti, who he’s never met in his life.

Joey got the initial email and instead of informing these guys of the mistake, creepily lurked and joked about the thread to his own friends on Facebook. Joey’s friends suggested he go. “I was riding it out,” Joey said. “I kind of joked that it would be hilarious if I went and crashed it.”

Then the moment of truth came. Jeff’s brother emailed the thread to ask anyone who hasn’t responded yet if they were coming to the bachelor party or not. Joey decided to come clean. Here’s what he wrote:

“Hi All,

So, I have no idea who any of you guys are, but I have been enjoying being a fly on the wall hearing about the plans for this bachelor party over the last few months.

I’m assuming my E-Mail address was added to the list by mistake (perhaps a typo of someone else?).

I live out in Seattle, WA and although for a moment I thought it might be funny to just show up and be that guy nobody knows but everyone wonders “who is that guy?”, buying a plane ticket for a cross-country flight just to crash a bachelor’s party might be a bit over the top (although it would be epic!).

Nonetheless, I do hope you guys have a great time and I’d like to take a moment to wish the best of luck in life to the groom!


Joey DiJulio
Seattle, WA”

The normal reaction would probably be something like “Why the fuck didn’t you say anything for weeks, you creeper?” because most people are assholes. Instead, something awesome happened: The guys thought it was fucking hilarious and wanted to bring Joey into the fun.

“I say everyone forks up an extra $20 and we get Joey a plane ticket to Philly!”

“Just facebooked Joey DiJulio in WA, and if this is you – you actually look like you could be related to groom. MIND BLOWN”

“I call Joey DiJulio as my shuffle board partner”

Even Jeff, the groom, made his pitch:


I’m overnighting you a wedding invite. You show up at the bachelor party and ill make you my best man. You can give the toast even.


And when Joey asked if he should actually go out there, Jeff’s answer was clear: “You need to come out here.” So Joey started a GoFundMe campaign entitled “Bachelor Party 4 Guy I’ve Never Met”, with an initial goal of over $1,200 for flights and hotel. When he surpassed that, he upped it to $10,000 to give Jeff and his future wife their dream honeymoon in Italy.

As of this writing, Joey is going to the bachelor party. Jeff’s picking him up at the airport, and they’re going to party their goddamn brains out. “I got about 17 beers coming my way,” Joey joked. “After I told the email group I was coming, everyone was pretty excited.”

What started as a hilarious error turned into something awesome that’s probably going to turn into a lifelong bromance…or, at least, a hilarious story they’ll tell for years to come. As long as Joey doesn’t do something stupid like fuck Jeff’s wife. Which they could be into. Who knows?

[via WGNO ABC New Orleans]

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