Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: Travel Nightmares

Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: Travel Nightmares

Happy pre-Christmas Monday, everyone! I personally find that this is always one of the weirdest work weeks of the year. It seems that it should be slow – it’s the holidays after all! – but it always seems to be get crazy because everyone that’s going to be out between Christmas and New Year’s wants to get their stuff done before they go out, which means that all of us that are working that week have to work like madmen satisfy those soon-to-be-vacationing assholes. So I spent this weekend resting up in preparation for the craziness ahead. But at least my weekend was better than these people’s.

Travelers, Part 1

As you probably know by now, I travel a lot. But as travelers crowded the airport in Atlanta this weekend, likely trying to get a jump on holiday travel, they experienced something I haven’t seen during my many, many airport visits – a total power outage.

The power at Hartfield-Jackson Airport, the busiest airport in the United States, went out on Sunday morning, leaving thousands of travelers stranded in the terminals as a ground stop was put into place, but tons of others who were on flights to Atlanta who were diverted to other airports.

But it wasn’t only travelers who were going into and out of Atlanta that were affected; Hartfield-Jackson serves as Delta’s largest and a stop for many other airlines, so the effects of the power outage are pretty widespread.

But let’s look on the brightside…a day spent in a dark airport is one less day you are home arguing with your family over the holidays, right? [via CNN]

Travelers, Part 2

This one’s slightly better than an entire airport having no power, but still not great – particularly if you fly Qantas airlines. Because those Australian bastards have banned UGGs from their airport lounges.

Last week, Joanne Catherel, a singer from The Human League, was turned away from a Qantas Airlines business lounge at the Melbourne airport because she was wearing UGGs – which, if you recall, are from Australia. A Qantas employee denied Catheral access to the lounge, stating that her UGGs were considered sleepwear. Catheral tweeted the airline, since clearly this was just a rogue, UGG-hating airline worker, right? Mmmm, not so much:

I actually think UGGs are ugly AF, but I can’t deny that A.) they are outdoor shoes, not sleepwear and B.) are comfortable as hell. And given that I spent 9 hours in the Alaska Airlines lounge last week looking like a legit hobo…I can only say that I’m glad this trend hasn’t made it to the US yet. [via Hello Giggles]

Goya Kong

We can have a debate about whether professional wrestling is a “real” sport or not, but what’s not up for dispute is the potential to get really hurt during a wrestling match, which is what happened to Mexican wrestler Kong this weekend.

Ms. Kong (real name: Gloria Alvarado Nava, thank god) was participating in a Lucha Libre AA Worldwide match when she front-flipped out of the ring to take out her opponents and landed awkwardly on her leg, snapping it in half.

Ouch. [via New York Post]

The Pittsburgh Steelers

Am I happy my beloved Patriots won on Sunday? Of course. Am I blind enough to deny that the refs totally stole that game from the Steelers? Nope.

With 56 seconds left, Patriots running back Dion Lewis scored a touchdown to give the Patriots the lead. The Steelers then charged down the field, and it appeared that they took the lead with 28 seconds left when Ben Roethlisberger found tight end Jesse James in the end zone. However, the refs ruled it an incomplete catch after a review. The internet did not agree:

To make matters worse, Roethlisberger was picked off in the end-zone by Duron Harmon in the game’s final seconds.

But like I said…I don’t feel too bad. [via The Bleacher Report]

Clutch The Bear

Clearly, that was staged, but I don’t want to take even a fake punch from George Foreman.

Image via Shutterstock

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