Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You: Snow Storms, Productivity, And Spelling

Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You – Snow Storms, Productivity, And Spelling

It’s yet another snowy day here in Boston and given that it’s a Monday, it’s doubly hard to get my ass in gear. So what do you say we skip the pleasantries and get right to it, ok?

Disney World Lovers

I don’t really get the appeal of Disney World as an adult, but I know plenty of people that do, so to each his own. Unfortunately for those of you that like to visit the House of Mouse, however, things are about to get a bit more expensive.

Starting yesterday, prices at the most Magical Places on Earth went up, with single day tickets to both the Magic Kingdom in Orlando and Disneyland in Anaheim going up, long with the ‘deluxe’ annual pass for Disneyland. Prices of all of the annual passes at Disney World as well as parking at the lots closest to the park are increasing as well.

The price hikes are likely happening in order to pour more revenue into its only European theme park, Disneyland Paris; the company announced last week its putting $2 billion into the park, despite the huge debts it has produced over the last few years. Damn French, always causing us problems. [Via CNNMoney]

Employers Since The Election

Guess what? It’s not your imagination that everyone you know seems to have all the time in the world lately to post their political ramblings on Facebook. Turns out, a new study has found that the big group of us are markedly less productive since November’s election.

A new survey from BetterWorks found that almost a third of the 500 “nationally representative” U.S. workers they surveyed have been less productive since the election.

Why? Kris Duggan, the CEO of BetterWorks, told The Atlantic,

People spend time on Facebook, they go and look at cat photos and have some down time, and that’s fine. With all the political posts, it seemed like people were getting worked up, argumentative, and distracted.

Of course, I also get “worked up, argumentative, and distracted” every time I’m forced to have a conversation with my boss, so I’m thinking the election is more of an excuse then a cause. [Via The Atlantic]

These Dog Owners

Have you ever accidentally stepped on your dog’s paw and then felt like the shittiest human alive for the next four hours? Well, imagine if you accidentally poisoned your dog with fancy dog food? Turns out, some dog owners have been doing just that.

People that were feeding their dogs “Hunk of Beef Au Jus” from Illinois-based pet food company Evanger, have been reporting their dogs getting sick after eating, and after an investigation the company has discovered by: the food contained levels of pentobarbital, one of the chemicals used in pet euthanasia. The food was sold in 15 states (Washington, California, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida) and has since been recalled; thus far, only one dog death (a pug in Washington state named Talula) has been reported. The company is still investigating how the chemical entered their food supply, but I’m pretty sure most dog owners will be avoiding “Hunk of Beef Au Jus” for quite a while.

RIP, Talula. [Via CNN]

The Department of Education

Listen, I don’t get political in this column too often for obvious reasons. But when The Department of Education fails so fucking amazingly, I need to rejoice in their stupidity.

February is Black History Month, and the DOE took to social media to celebrate. A good, inclusive move, right? Except that they spelled the name of the man who started the NAACP wrong in their tweet about him:

Hey, it happens right? Names can sometimes be tricky, so as long as they corrected it and apologized, no harm no foul. Except that whoever is in charge of the department’s Twitter account didn’t pass second grade spelling, and managed to fuck up the since-deleted apology Tweet as well. Luckily for us, the folks at The Washington Post caught it before it was deleted:

Post updated – our deepest apologizes for the earlier typo. — US Dept of Education (@usedgov) February 12, 2017

Woof. You’re the Department of Education. Grammar and spelling shit correctly should literally be the baseline expectation of your job. But oh well, let’s make America grate again. [Via Washington Post]

Khy Kabellis

Without football, my thoughts turn to my second favorite sport – college basketball. Now, the Bulldogs of my beloved alma mater are currently ranked #1 (humble brag for something I had nothing to do with), but one unranked team is making news for what one of their players did on Saturday night.

The North Dakota State Bison guard Khy Kabellis flung a loose ball backward after picking it up on the defensive rebound near the opposing bench…and the sophomore actually scored on his own hoop, giving two points to the other team. ESPN picked up the shot and tweeted it out, and luckily, Kabellis had a sense of humor about it:

Which was probably a bit easier to do since he had a game high 17 points in his team’s win over the Denver Pioneers. [Via Bleacher Report]

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