Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You

Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You

Ah, Tuesday morning after a long weekend. A smart person would have taken the extra day off to recover from a Saturday and Sunday of debauchery, but not I. Since I’ve been traveling the last few weekends, my family gathered Monday for a belated birthday party for me and there were some pretty strong margaritas involved. But even though I may be downing Advil and mass quantities of water this morning while dreading the workout my trainer will inflict upon me tonight after seeing my calorie count for yesterday, I still had a better weekend than some people.

All Of Us Working Folk

Did you enjoy your day off for Labor Day? Good, because three new studies that came out over the weekend make the picture for us working peeps pretty bleak.

The first one, from Families and Work Institute, showed that more than half of us feel overworked or overwhelmed at least sometimes, which is kind of a big “duh.” The study also showed that more than a quarter of us work at least 50 hours or more a week and almost the same amount of us work six or seven days a week.

The second study, from Economic Policy Institute, found that wages haven’t changed much over the last 35 years, despite the fact that productivity has risen 64% during that same time. Additionally, the study found that hourly wages dropped between 2013 and 2014 for almost every level of the workforce, and those of us with college or advanced degrees were the most impacted.

The last study, this one from, found that “90% of Americans occasionally feel underappreciated on the job-and nearly 50% say they never feel appreciated,” according The New York Daily News.

So to sum it up – we are overworked, not making that much, and underappreciated? Sounds about right. Now aren’t you glad to be back at the office? Happy Tuesday. [via The New York Daily News]

ESPN’s GameDay Producer

This Saturday marked a big deal for fans of college football – the return of College GameDay on ESPN. Any other time of the year, most of us would be sleeping off a hangover on a Saturday morning but during football season, we are up promptly at 9 a.m. EST, ready to join Lee Corso to talk about quarterbacks and running games for the next three hours.

A large part of GameDay’s location shoots are the signs from the fans who show up to be a part of broadcast. Usually, the signs featured are pretty PG-13 with some rather witty puns, but it seems as though one slipped by the producers, who included this one in the show’s intro for the 2015 season:

The sign (which is from a November 2014 show) implies that Gary Patterson, the head coach of TCU’s Horned Frogs, likes ladies who have an STD that turns their nether regions blue. Now, if such a thing as “blue waffles” actually existed, I would say that it was Patterson (or his lady friends) that had a bad weekend, but since the disease is an internet hoax, I’ll go with the GameDay producer who put this in the show intro as the one may not have had a great weekend – or the parents who had to explain things to their kids after they saw the sign and googled “blue waffles.” [via Deadspin’s Timothy Burke]

Friends of Ken Graat

As I do every year, I’ll be spending this Thursday night watching the first NFL game of the season with my family. My 11-year-old nephew and I are the only ones that take it super seriously, so he and I sit on the floor, super close to the TV, while the rest of our family mills around in the background, half-watching while stuffing their faces full of my tamale meatballs. Of course, given that this year one of the teams in the opener is our adored Patriots, the fam may play slightly more attention. But not quite the level of attention one of our rivals’ fans require.

Ken Graat is a self-proclaimed Seahawks superfan and as such, there are rules for watching Seattle games at his house. So many rules, in fact, that he makes you sign a contract:

Graat, who lives in California, won’t let anyone who doesn’t sign the contract into his home to watch the game. Violate any of Graat’s rules, such as talking about non-game issues during the game? The first time, you’ll get a warning; second time, you get kicked out. Third time? A lifetime ban.

Wow, Graat’s house sounds like a blast. I think I’ll stick with the floor in front of the TV with my nephew. At least he lets me drop in a random inappropriate comment about Gronk’s ass every now and again. [via The Daily Mail]

Michael Brewer

Last night’s Ohio State/Virginia Tech game was interesting going into half time. VT was up by three going into the half, and it looked like the only team to beat the eventual 2015 National Champions last year may hand them another loss in the first game of the season. It was going so well that Virginia Tech quarterback Michael Brewer made this comment in the locker room about a big hit he had taken in the first half:

Well, apparently Brewer jinxed himself, because early into the third quarter, he was positively crushed by OSU Defensive Tackle Adolphus Washington, and will be out 4-8 weeks with a broken collarbone.

Perhaps Brewer needs to learn a lesson from Mr. Graat’s rules of football – never, ever “celebrate” until the game is over. Jinxes are real. [via Lost Letterman]

Tom Brady

A lot of football talk in this column this week, but it’s just that time of year. And it wouldn’t be a football-centric column without mention of my beloved Tom Brady. Now, he obviously had a pretty good week last week. But then Sunday night rolled around.

On Sunday evening, the NFL tweeted out a picture of seven of the game’s current elite quarterbacks, posing the question of which ones will face off in this season’s Super Bowl 50. Peyton was there. Andrew was there. Ben was there. So were Russell, Drew, and Aaron. Even Carson Freaking Palmer was there. But the dude that won it last year? Not so much.

The NFL has since deleted the tweet, since this was clearly just the NFL throwing shade over getting their asses handed to them in the whole Deflategate scandal. (All hail Judge Berman). I mean, not even most die-hard Patriots hater would put Carson Freaking Palmer in this group over number 12. But you know what? That’s cool. Keep pissing Tom off. The more gasoline you throw on this fire, the more rage he’s going to play with. Carson should probably be happy he won’t have to face him this season. [via Bleacher Report]

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