First Date Etiquette From A Seasoned Vet

First Date Tips

A few weeks ago I touched on which foods you should avoid on a first date. Now that you know what to order I’ve decided to go into a little more detail on how I try to handle first dates. I’ve tried to cover all the points I think are up for debate when going on a first date, aside obviously from what you’re picking off the menu.

Text or Call?

I always text instead of call. You can call me millennial garbage and less of a man, but that’s just my style of choice. My reasons for this are it’s more convenient for both parties. You have no clue what she’s doing at the time, which could lead to you getting her voicemail. Just thinking about getting someone’s voicemail that you’re trying to ask out for the first time is giving me anxiety.

Only psychopaths leave voicemails, and if you don’t leave one she’ll be wondering who the hell is calling her…It’s a lose-lose situation. Sending a text is way less invasive to me. It gives her time to think of how she wants to respond and doesn’t put her on the spot like a phone call would. Also, it’s the 21st century and I despise talking on the phone. For future reference, can you text 911 or does that have to be a phone call?

Pick Her Up or Meet Her There?

Most guys think on the first date they should be the one making all the plans because girls hate a guy who can’t make decisions, right? I agree with that in almost everything except picking her up for the first date. I always tell the girl, “I’d be more than happy to pick you up or we can meet there? It’s up to you.” The reason I do this is I can understand a girl not wanting some rando they had a drunken conversation with to know where they live.

You could be Christian Bale from American Psycho for all she knows at this point in time. This will help you avoid the awkward rejection of her telling you, “No, let’s just meet at the restaurant.” You’ve just started the date with a semi-awkwardness there, which is not the kind of tone you want to set. If you do pick her up, and I can’t stress this enough, open the car door for her.

I went on a date with a girl one time who told me she’s never had a guy open the car door for her which shocked me. Ladies, on behalf of all men who were raised right, I’d like to sincerely apologize if you fall into the same category she does.

Restaurant Choice

If you’re worried about how much money you’re going to be spending on the first date, you probably shouldn’t be dating IMO. You don’t have to take her to a 5 star restaurant, but you shouldn’t be taking her to the local dive bar you and your buds frequent to crush 50 cent wings at either.

Everyone has their go-to restaurants and mine here in Nashville is Holland House (They have the best Old Fashioned I’ve ever had). I typically spend around $70 on dates there, which I don’t think is excessive. Giving off the impression that you’re trying to pinch pennies on the first date is normally not going to get you a second one.

First Date Conversation

Conversation typically comes pretty naturally for me, but my rule for first dates is to keep the conversation positive. This girl sacrificed her night for you and I guarantee you she doesn’t want to hear you bitch and complain about your miserable life for two hours.

I also leave out the drama filled parts of life. For example, if she asks about family I do a quick scan of family members and sure as hell don’t go down the deep dark hole of family drama. Nobody needs that on a first date.

If you think you’re talking too much and rambling then you probably are. Definitely try to keep asking her questions because if we’re being honest you’re probably a boring sack of shit, and girls love to talk about themselves.

That’s typically how I try to handle myself on a first date. I almost always do dinner and try to mix it up from then on for future dates. Worry about making a good first impression before going overboard with an overly creative and aggressive ideas for a first date.

If it’s someone you genuinely want to impress, I would suggest dinner over drinks to separate yourself from the pack. Girls get asked to drinks all the time so try to make yourself stand out by going the extra mile.

Sidebar: Minor League baseball games are always a great option for a 2nd or 3rd date if this advice gets you to that point.

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