Every Man Needs A Lucky Tie

Every Man Needs A Lucky Tie

Corporate America, over the years, has drifted away from the suit and tie, whether necktie or bow tie, towards business casual. Unless you’re a lawyer, judge, in financial services and investment banking, or work for an old-fashioned corporation, you very likely are not wearing a tie to work every day. Unless I have face time with my customers, I do not wear a tie, although I have made a resolution to wear one more often. Psychologically, it reminds me of my important position in the company, which is actually the reason some companies still require it. Anyways, in my mind it’s crucial that when I wear a tie I make sure it provides peak performance. This is where the lucky tie comes in.

What makes a tie a lucky tie? It could be anything. Which tie did you wear for your last big account close (or, if you’re an attorney, won a big case)? Which tie did you wear the last time a girl at happy hour aggressively offered her number? Which tie did you wear the last time you won a gift card from your favorite radio station (shoutout to J Parks Caldwell)? What tie were you wearing when the Dow broke 20,000? But you can’t always put it on paper. Sometimes you just know. You know which tie you can wear that wins you the day regularly. However, like Dr. Turk’s lucky surgery do-rags, they can cycle. Some ties just go on a hot streak. It really just depends. That’s part of the fun.

For me, I remember the tie I was wearing when two existing customers dropped big opportunities right in my lap. It’s not that my red-with-blue-diamonds tie or my blue-and-gold striped tie were bad, those did well, too, but it was my black-and-blue striped tie that aligned the planets in my favor. Are they used car salesman-y? Yeah, probably, but they get results. Kind of like that guy no one really likes but he always gets his bonus.

The importance of the lucky tie is that every once in a while you need a guaranteed win, and once you discover which tie is your lucky tie, you know how to get yourself a much needed win. It’s the same reason Power Five college football teams have an FCS team on their schedule. But don’t overuse the lucky tie. It can lose its magic, or your lucky ties can rotate, and then you have a false prophet. An antichrist tie. The tie that screws up your car’s transmission or busts your water meter, leading to an $800 water bill. Don’t abuse the lucky tie, and it will treat you right, and clean it at your discretion.

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"Technically, Pablo Escobar was in sales."

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