Dude In Indiana Finds Human Bones In His Crawl Space, Posts Pictures On Facebook

Imagine moving into a new house, going through your attic, basement, or crawl space, and finding some good, old-fashioned human remains. I don’t think the broker covered that at the open house, did he?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to someone in Fort Wayne, Ind., who found some bones when going through the house’s crawl space. They turned out to be human, according to the police. This is some freaky shit.

Just as a warning, these are pictures of human bones, so those who might be squeamish may wanna turn back now and read an article about Gil Humplestead or power moves.

The person who found the bones posted them on Facebook, which were then posted on Reddit by an original poster named apis_cerana, who belongs to a group that collects skulls and bones, which is also kind of creepy.

One of the Facebook commenters postulated that it could be the work of the “Candy Man” serial killer, who was active in Indiana the early 1970s, but that’s pure speculation. However, what isn’t speculation is that the police confirmed they’re indeed human bones, and they collected them as evidence. Yikes.

Something similar actually happened in my hometown back in 1999. I went to elementary school with a girl whose family moved to another part of town, and after the new family moved in, they discovered a pregnant woman stuffed in a 55 gallon steel drum, who had been bludgeoned to death about 30 years before that. The house apparently went through a bunch of owners in that span, and although the previous owners moved the drum around a bunch, nobody thought to open it until the family who found the remains when they were trying to get rid of the drum. They found the guy who did it living in a retirement community in Florida. Freaky shit.

Be careful when you move into a new house. You have no idea what the fuck you could find in there.

[via Reddit]

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