Does The Girl You Just Met Want To Have Sex With You?

Does The Girl You Just Met Want To Have Sex With You?

The mind of a twenty-something single male is depraved. It is wild and unforgiving. It is filthy, ever-wandering, and always, always looking out for a chance to score.

Whether it’s drugs, sex, booze, food…it really doesn’t matter. The mind of, let’s say… a twenty-four-year-old single male is a disgusting, wretched place that a mother would be astounded by. I don’t know about the rest of the male population, but I myself am always looking out for number one, and if you don’t have something that I want or is going to directly benefit me in some way, chances are very good that I’ll fly the coop and go somewhere else where my odds aren’t so stacked against me.

I don’t care who you are, what political party you support, or how you think men and women should act or are perceived in 2016. If you are male, and you frequent bars, restaurants, parties, or anywhere else where you might meet a stranger of the female variety, you’re asking yourself one solitary question every time you meet a woman.

One question lays dormant inside the mind. Every single man – whether they are a bachelor, in a committed relationship, engaged, or married – has a voice inside their head asking one question over and over and over like a broken record – does this girl, who I’ve only just met, want to fuck me?

It’s completely natural. I don’t know much, but I know that after I meet a girl there is one constant, and it is the question of whether or not the girl who I’ve just had a conversation with wants to have sex with me.

Is it the same for women? I don’t think so. Ladies love having male friends who aren’t thinking that way. But at the core of every woman who calls a male their friend, they know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that if given the opportunity, that “friend” will have sex with them. Any male with a girl whom he calls a friend has thought about sex with her. He’s played out a scenario where he can get out of that friend zone and into those pants.

This is an absolute truth. I’m sure it will be disputed by some who I’ve met in my twenty-five years of life who truly believe that some of their guy friends really just want a sounding board. No, no, of course not “Alyssa,” “Jade,” or “Samantha.” They would never think about leaving that friend-zone, unbuttoning your one hundred and fifty dollar Zara jeans and finally getting inside of you. That would be crazy, according to women, well, everywhere.

So does she want to do the deed with you?

It’s never an easy question to answer. Are you the type to make the first move? Or are you content to sit somewhere and wait this thing out, biding your time and waiting for her to notice you? Because both strategies can work, but you need to know beforehand what kind of person the girl you’re going after is.

Is she shy? Are you shy? Do you enjoy banal conversation about where you work and what television shows you watch? Or would you rather discuss politics and risk offending her or someone else within earshot?

These questions, and the most important one (of whether or not she wants to fuck you) is not one that I can answer. Most of the time, you won’t know if she wants you to ask her to “come home” until you know.

I don’t claim to know the inner workings of the female brain. But I know one thing for sure; upon meeting a new woman, every man asks themselves some version of the same. exact. question: would that girl have sex with me?

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