Dear Parents, Don’t Raise Racists

Dear Parents, Don't Raise Racists

For the most part, I try not to give parents advice on how to handle their little gremlins…I mean children. I don’t have any, and I’m not really planning on reproducing anytime soon. Some people need a bit of help though, apparently, because they’re doing it wrong. I had an experience recently that made me think that this was something that needs to be said, though I think it should pretty much be common knowledge at this point in America.

I was walking into my apartment building in the late afternoon, and there were kids outside playing, which is pretty normal where I live. Just for a bit of background, I’m a mid-(late?) twenties black guy, living in a beach town where the population is 92% white (I did research, because I’m a motherfucking professional). As I’m about to go inside, I hear, “NIGGER!” come from the direction of the children playing.

I’ll spare you the play-by-play, but this little asshole made me turn into the neighbor that has to have conversations with parents. Everybody hates that guy. I don’t fucking want to be that guy, and definitely didn’t think I’d turn into that guy in my fucking twenties. If a child is saying things like that, it’s probably something that they learned at home. So fuck whoever had a hand in teaching this kid that it was cool to scream racial slurs out in the middle of an apartment complex. On a serious note, I can’t even describe the feeling of hearing that, especially considering the current state of race relations in the country right now.

When kids have things like that in their heads at such a young age, they eventually become full-grown pieces of shit, and spend their entire lives thinking that it’s totally acceptable. It can lead to what I’d call one of the worst after-sex lines I think I’ve ever heard: “My parents are really racist, so I like having sex with black guys, because it’s like a slap in the face to them.” I beg your fucking pardon? If you never felt like a piece of cattle, or a character from Django before, a statement like that will do it for you!

I can almost accept that racist grandparents, parents, and even people my age are set in their ways. It’s pretty much a waste of everyone’s time to try to change their minds, because they’ve been idiots for decades. It isn’t fair for kids to have these terrible ideas about people in their heads for their whole lives, because many of them won’t even have a fighting chance to think and behave like civilized humans.

Think of all the different labels that exist based on people’s personal opinions and choices. Liberal/conservative, meat-eater/pain-in-the-ass…I mean vegan. You may fall into one category or another, but they’re all tolerable. But racist? I feel like at this point, it’s embarrassing to even have someone suspect that about you. Save your kids the trouble, and take advantage of the opportunity to raise an awesome person.

I think everyone is pretty sick of hearing about race in the news, whether it be because you feel like you’re a victim, you think the claims of racism are ridiculous, or simply because you think it’s annoying. If kids aren’t brought up in racist, sexist, homophobic, [insert other prejudices here] environments, chances are they won’t continue the practices.

Believe it or not, kids actually pick up things from the people around them, and it shapes who they become when they’re older. Make sure you don’t raise a little shithead like the one I encountered recently, and everyone wins. It’s still possible there will be a new generation of people who actually have a bit of sense.

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