Cheese Is Pretty Much A Health Food If This Study Means Anything

Cheese Is Pretty Much A Health Food If This Study Means Anything

Queso. Mozzarella sticks. A good manchego on a charcuterie board. If there’s one food group I can 100 percent get behind, it’s cheese. However, I often second guess myself when it’s dinnertime and there’s nothing I want more than a box of Velveeta. While insanely delicious, cheese isn’t exactly known as a health food, and my metabolism isn’t once what it was at the age of 17. I find myself sadly putting down the easy mac and instead opting to sadly bake some salmon, all the while wishing it was a grilled cheese sandwich instead.

Not anymore. Thanks to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, I can finally order my extra queso without any remorse. University of Copenhagen in Denmark researchers set out to see whether consuming either reduced fat cheese or no cheese at all was better for your heart, and their results made the day of every cheese lover in the world. After studying 139 adults for 12 weeks, the researchers found that LDL, or “bad” cholesterol levels were virtually no different whether the participants had a diet of full-fat cheese, reduced-fat cheese, or no cheese at all. Additionally, after measuring the HDL, or “good” cholesterol levels of all three groups, the researchers found that eating full-fat cheese consistently actually helped improve this level for participants. If this isn’t great news, I don’t know what is.

To make it even better, the researchers also studied insulin levels, glucose, waist measurements, triglycerides, and blood pressure and still found no significant difference between the three groups. That’s right – scientists literally proved that eating full fat cheese has no negative impact on your waistline whatsoever. Of course, full-fat cheese may be higher in calories so you may want to be mindful of the quantity of mac and cheese you consume, but other than that, feast away – you’re officially doing something great for your diet.

[via Town & Country]

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