Bumble Banned And Ruined This Dude For Being A Tool To A Girl

Bumble Dude Getting Emasculated

As a seasoned Bumble vet, I have to say that I have seen my fair share of total douchebags on the app. You have the gym selfie dude, the guy with a baby in the pic that makes sure to mention in his bio that it’s ‘not his kid,’ and my favorite: the guy who blurs out the faces of his ex in all of his pics. But lo and behold, a lucky gal named Ashley came across this fuckboy named Connor below and sent the conversation to Bumble, who posted the screenshots along with an open letter to their blog. I am all for public shaming, especially when a dude is just plain asking for it. Sweet little Connor was actually banned from the app because of these screenshots, so let’s break this shit down.

Bumble Banned And Ruined This Dude For Being A Tool To A Girl

Classic first line from Ashley, she is just trying to start the conversation. She mentions work, typical, and then asks about his job. It is all downhill from there.

First of all, a girl isn’t asking about your job to “pry into your career” we are simply just trying to make sure that YOU HAVE A JOB.

Of course he “didn’t ask her about work” because he probably does not care. Shocker that finding out what someone does for a living is, in fact, a way to get to know him or her. If I asked this question and a guy replied that he manages an Abercrombie and Fitch, I’m out. If a dude replies that he’s an “entrepreneur” (code for “unemployed”), I’m out. Asking these questions are simply a way for a girl to know if a guy is somewhat normal and/or employed. She did nothing wrong.

Bumble Banned And Ruined This Dude For Being A Tool To A Girl

Love that he thinks his job is important enough that girls have “shamelessly attempted to pry into his career.” Like, what does this guy do? The only way I would be shameless trying to pry into his career is if he said he was a Whataburger franchise owner and I was looking to score some free taquitos. Let’s be real Connor, no one gives a fuck about your boring job.

I honestly know so little about jobs that are not in my field that I would have no idea what his salary range would be based on a simple job title. Unless he’s telling me that he’s a damn neurosurgeon, I am going to assume we are in or around the same income bracket.

“I put my job in my profile.” Cool but like, she was asking what you actually do. Most Bumble-ites have a very, very vague job description like “Finance” or they just list their employer. Poor Ashley had no idea what his deal was career-wise and fuck this guy for calling her shameless and unintelligent. IT WAS ONE QUESTION.

Bumble Banned And Ruined This Dude For Being A Tool To A Girl

Low-key super disappointed that Ashley did not include her response to this maniac. I do love that she called this a tantrum, though. You go, Ashley.

“I don’t have time for entitled, gold-digging whores” WOW Connor. Just go right in for calling her a whore. Stand. Up. Guy. Any Bumblebee would be lucky to have you!

Ok. How DARE he bring Beyoncé into this. What did she do to you Connor? Did you cheat on your girlfriend and she listened to Lemonade and then dumped you and that’s why you are on Bumble? Leave Bey out of this.

Also used the words “feminist cancer” and I just….is he doing the Trump thing or what the fuck is up?

Last but not least, as we all expected, he throws out his “salary” and no one asked. No one cares. You care, Connor. You are the only one. Girls love when a guy brags about how much money he makes and how prestigious his degree is. Panties just drop.

Just kidding, someone kick this guys ass. Please.

[h/t The Verge]

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