Being Called “Daddy” In Bed: Sexy Or Creepy?

Being Called "Daddy" In Bed: Sexy Or Creepy?

I was getting brunch with some friends last weekend when an interesting topic came up. The conversation started as most gatherings of friends do, with some light roasting, then discussion of politics, our previous night, and sports. Generic mid-20s young professional topics. However, as the drinks flowed, the conversation inevitably turned to what it always turns to. Sex. Who’s having it with who, who has funny stories to share, and who’s into some weird shit. Somewhere along the line, the subject of guys being called “daddy” in bed came up, and I realized there are a variety of different opinions on the subject.

The girl that originally brought up the topic claimed that “no guys actually like being called daddy, they just do it to tell their friends about it.” Immediately, several males (and females) at the table firmly disagreed. This prompted an hour-long discussion, and it has yet to be resolved. That’s why I’m coming to the most truthful place I know, the internet, to put this issue to bed (pun intended). Is being called “daddy” in bed sexy or creepy? Let’s discuss.

There are those in the camp of the girl who originally brought this topic up. They believe that guys don’t actually enjoy it or find it hot, but just want girls to say it so they can brag to their friends about it. Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s a very valid reason for a lot of the things guys do during sex. Is anal good? Sure, but it doesn’t feel better than a vagina, the organ that was specifically designed for sex. I would say the reason 75% of guys are into it is solely so they can tell their friends they put their dick in a butt. Sex positions? Let’s be real, outside of the five main positions, people are just doing it to say they did it. With absolutely zero history knowledge or research, I am confident the Karma Sutra was written by a virgin trying to convince his boys that he’s had “just so much freaky sex, guys.” Guys have been known to “do it for the story” when it comes to sex, so I’m sure there are a good number of guys who tell girls to call them daddy solely so they can talk about it later.

On the opposite side of the aisle, there was a strong push by people of both genders saying it’s sexy. It’s not about referring to an actual father, of course, but more about vocalizing the power dynamic of the girl being submissive to the guy. While not common (or accepted) in everyday life, in the bedroom, many men and women alike are into that power dynamic, and calling the man “daddy” is a sexy way to vocalize that. As someone who is a big fan of dirty talk and thinks it elevates sex, this makes sense to me. Communication is key during sex, and what better way to communicate to your partner that you’re enjoying things than by literally speaking words in the English language? Moaning is cool and all, but dirty talk takes it a step further and gets everyone riled up.

Then there are the people who think the phrase “daddy” is creepy, or gross, or downright incestuous. And you know what? I get it. Did they get shit on for being “prudes” and “buzzkills” at brunch? Yes. But, do I see where they’re coming from? Also yes. The word “daddy” literally means father, and if saying it make either party, even for a millisecond, envision their partner as their father, nothing could be a bigger mood killer. If calling someone that or being called “daddy” makes you think of banging your dad, I can understand why you would never want to even think that phrase during sex. As a guy, you can be damn sure I wouldn’t be calling girls “mommy” in bed. That’s a lie; if a girl is hot enough and asks nicely, I’ll pretty much do any freaky shit to turn her on. Except for one of my exes that asked me to punch her in the face during sex. I thought for sure I was going to get arrested that night… but I digress. The point is, I can understand why using or hearing a word that refers to your father can be seen as creepy.

Personally, my opinion is split. I think if done with confidence and in a sexy manner, it can be extremely hot. However, like with most things, if the girl isn’t feeling it, it’s going to kill the mood. I’d rather a girl confidentially stick with whatever dirty talk she’s into than force a girl to call me something that will turn her off, and by extension, turn me off. But that’s just me. What do you think? Tell me in the comments.

Oh, and by the way, this topic is null and void if we’re talking about being called “papi” That shit is hot as hell. End of discussion.

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