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If you’re like me, you spent your Sunday evening tuned in to NBC, fingers crossed that you’d get an appearance from Norm Macdonald, and rejoicing after a near perfect Wayne’s World reunion. The whole thing was awesome, but depending on how closely you followed Twitter, you may have missed something truly remarkable.

That’s a seven-foot German, with highly limited athletic ability, finishing off an alley-oop and seamlessly transitioning into a Vince Carter tribute. Twitter blew up after this, and rightfully so. Dirk is thirty-six, and this year’s all-star appearance may very well have been his last. That sucks, because people love Dirk. Look, here’s Tim Duncan showing emotion:

Full disclosure: I’m a disgustingly loyal Mavericks homer, but even more than that, I’m a Dirk homer. I’ve followed his career from wild card German export to full-blown playoff assassin. I take criticism of his game personally, and I nearly came to blows with someone who suggested we trade him. I’m fully aware that this is a Dirk puff piece, but I’m serious when I say that we can, and should, learn a few things from the way Ghostface Drillah handles his business.

He’s Not Above Ridiculous Bits

I’m not sure that Dirk has ever turned down a request from the Mavs video team. He’s accommodating, and he never appears to be too cool for bits. Think about all the times you had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into doing some kind of office activity. Just suck it up and go with it.

He Parties

Go ahead and jump ahead to the two-minute mark for your Dirk greatness, unless you’re into the Avett Brothers thing, in which case, enjoy all of it. Dirk parties, and you should, too.

He Doesn’t Take Himself Too Seriously

After passing Hakeem Olajuwon on the all-time scoring list, Dirk produced this gem:

Nowitzki was asked if he has aspirations to copy Olajuwon’s patented “Dream Shake.” He conceded that he doesn’t quite have the athleticism to replicate the move.

“I came up with a shot where I just have to basically lean back, don’t be athletic at all and just hoist it up,” said Nowitzki.

“I came up with my own ‘Dream Shake’ I guess — the white version.”

If you can’t laugh at your own personal shortcomings, you’re probably trying too hard.

He Does Stuff Like This

You can’t teach that.


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