Most Of The Crap You Buy For Your Wedding Is A Rip-Off

Tacking "wedding" onto your invitation will cost you

In a world where it is standard practice for a man to spend three months’ salary on a wedding ring for his soon to be wife, it should come as no surprise that anything one buys in regards to a bride and groom’s special day is going to make some brand or retailer a lot of money. And when I say anything, I mean anything even remotely pertaining to a wedding. Case in point, this photo of two sets of champagne flutes.

The set labeled “Wedding Flutes” cost $12.99, while the “Party Flutes” cost $9.99 despite them being the exact the same. You might be saying “fine, whatever, it’s only three dollars,” and that is a totally legitimate response. Three dollars is nothing in the grand scheme of things. But think about this on a larger scale for a minute. If retailers are nickel and diming you for stuff as small as some shitty flutes, imagine what they’re getting away with for stuff like a live band, hors d’oeuvre, and table decorations.

Earlier this year, Consumer Reports reported in more than a quarter of cases — 28% — vendors quoted us prices that were higher for the wedding than for the anniversary party. That kind of wedding surcharge played out more in some areas than in others.

While it’s understandable that a wedding dress, the floral arrangements, and venue for a reception will be charged more than say, an anniversary party, I find it a little disgusting that even a set of plastic champagne flutes are getting upticked just because someone decides to label their special day a wedding instead of a regular old party. I guess if you have a wedding planned either be prepared to pay just slightly extra for everything or start lying to everyone. Tell your wedding planner this a celebration of two people enjoying their lives together. Write “Huge Party” instead of “Wedding” on all of your invitations and make no mention of nuptials or a honeymoon. The 28 percent that you save by not calling your wedding a wedding can be spent on an extra leg in Europe or that knife set from Pottery Barn that you had your eye on. And don’t get a DJ. If there’s one thing you should make sure of, it’s that you get a live band. Always a better option than some kid on stage with an iPod.

[via Business Insider]

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