A SWOT Analysis Of The 7 Careers With The Most Job Security

A SWOT Analysis Of The 7 Careers With The Most Job Security

I — like I’m sure many of you — always have that nagging thought in the back of my mind every time I plunk my #squatspo chiseled butt into my cube chair that at any moment my boss can decide to send me to the streets. Canned. Let go. Laid off. Fired. It’s terrifying, really. If I got fired today, I’d be so royally fucked. Who’s to say I’ll land back on my feet in a timely manner? It took me from January of my senior year to July to get my first big boy job, and the fear of having to go through that again is why I’m still at that same job.

So how do I make sure I don’t get fired? Well, I guess I could do my work to the best of my ability. I like to think I do, but who knows. I try to provide value elsewhere. Every day I try to make my coworkers laugh at least twice. I’m a morale booster. A clubhouse guy. A nucleus. I’m like the Jonny Gomes of my work team. Not completely useless, but my value is more team chemistry than actual stats between the lines. But even that isn’t enough. Because, like we saw a number of years ago, there can be market crashes. Shit that spurs pretty great Christian Bale movies that feature my girl Selena Gomez making cameos. Jobs somehow just vanish into thin air. Money gets dried up, CEOs look to make cuts, and sometimes your industry takes it on the chin.

If you’re wondering which jobs are like cockroaches and could survive a nuclear winter, the gang over at came up with a list of the seven careers with the most stable job security. I think you probably know if you’re safe or not, but let’s dive in and see which careers we all should have gone into. Here’s my SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) of the jobs with most job security, plus a bonus of what I think are really the jobs with the most job security.

1. Engineers — They’re the geniuses who take your invention for the car periscope and actually implement it. So yeah, as we advance and keep doing “science” we’ll need people to turn those theories and peer reviewed papers into actionable things that we can figure out how to use. Solid job.
Strengths: Make good money and probably get to work on some pretty cool projects
Weaknesses: Not a sexy pick up line at the bar
Opportunities: You’re probably really good at building shit, like IKEA furniture which is statistically proven to ruin most relationships.
Threats: Most likely work with tons of nerds who are probably smarter than you

2. Information Security Professionals — The guys who fight internet piracy. The engineers create new software, the pirates in Russia try to crack those codes, and these info security guys try to keep everyone’s credit card info safe.
Strengths: As long as money exists electronically, you’ve got a job
Weaknesses: Interact with literally no humans day in and day out
Opportunities: Probably good enough to siphon money from unsuspecting idiots, a la Office Space.
Threats: Liable to be wanted by Russian and Chinese internet pirates

3. Nurse practitioners — NPs, depending on which state you practice in, have a lot of the responsibilities and abilities of a primary care physician. And since we’re running out of PCPs faster than Trader Joe’s runs out of frozen riced cauliflower, NPs are in high demand.
Strengths: You’ll always have first access to a doctor
Weaknesses: The responsibilities of a doctor without being able to say you’re a doctor
Opportunities: You could probably hook your friends up with some sweet scrips
Threats: You might not get the respect you deserve, even among professionals in your own field

4. Therapists — Apparently we’re getting to a point in the world where we’re all so fucked in the head that therapists will always have full waiting rooms.
Strengths: I bet it’s pretty great to just say “uh huh, and how did that make you feel?” all day and get paid for it.
Weaknesses: Always susceptible to falling asleep on the couch in your office and losing all credibility
Opportunities: I imagine you get to hear some pretty incredible stories
Threats: You hear everyone’s fucked up issues, which is bound to be depressing

5. Chiropractors — It’s at the point where there are so many cube monkeys with such abysmal posture that we’re all ending up with spines morphed like the roots of a large sequoia.
Strengths: You’re 100% the best guy in the room to crack someone’s back
Weaknesses: I guess you’re a fake doctor. Somewhere above masseuse but below doctor.
Opportunities: You work on your feet. So you’ll stay in pretty good shape
Threats: Always in a turf war with acupuncturists

6. Doctors/surgeons — Um, duh. When I told my mom I wanted to switch my job to the business side of healthcare from the clinical aspect, I think she wrote me out of the Will & Trust.
Strengths: You get to walk up to the 11/10s at the bar and tell them you’re a doctor. I’ve seen my doctor friends do this — a lot — and it works all the time.
Weaknesses: When you’re starting out, terrible hours, bad pay until you’re not a resident, and crippling debt. Don’t have complete say of where in the country you end up working.
Opportunities: You get to save lives. By the way, to any doctor readers, is that like hitting a homer in softball? Because boy did I hit a whopper last week.
Threats: Susceptible to all communicable diseases, pathogens, and viruses.

7. Dentists — I love teeth. Big teeth guy. If you’ve got a fucked up mouth, I’m swiping left. So dentists are wicked clutch.
Strengths: Dentists always have great personalities
Weaknesses: Often exposed to bad breath
Opportunities: Nitrous gas, flirting with your hygienists, potentially converting to Judaism strictly for the jokes
Threats: Anti-dentites

And here are a handful of jobs I think they missed, and why.
Porn star ––/b> We’ll never not want more porn
Lefty specialist — Every MLB bullpen needs a solid lefty specialist to get out lefties, and if you’re good, there will always be a team who wants you
Drug dealer — As long as humans exist, we’re going to need a drug dealer. Your job is safe
Kardashian — If you’re a Kardashian, there will always be a market for your antics because as long as the earth keeps orbiting the moon, we’re going to need a Kardashian to keep us entertained.

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