A Bunch Of 30 and 40-Somethings Advise 20-Somethings On What They Should Do In Life Now To Avoid Regrets

A Bunch Of 30 and 40-Somethings Advise 20-Somethings On What They Should Do In Life Now To Avoid Regrets

There is something to still appreciate about being young, employed and out of college.

Every day isn’t easy for us. We get up, do shitty work and get paid next to nothing. We finally understand, on a much deeper and more personal level, the comedic relevance of Office Space. But at least we are still young, right?

Not everyone is lucky enough to afford a ‘gap year,’ when Mom and Dad can fork over 10K so you can “find yourself” in Iceland or Italy or Australia. But there is still a lot of good shit we can do before our bodies fully deteriorate.

Here to help are some 30 and 40-year-olds who have a little experience in this game we call ‘life’ (this is the lamest sentence I’ve ever written) and are willing to hit us with some advice about what we should do while we are still young.

From Reddit:


Before you think it can’t get any worse, just know it can.

If you didn’t travel in your twenties, you’ll regret that. If you didn’t focus on building a career in your twenties, you’ll regret that. If you did too many drugs and drank too much you’ll regret not having been more serious. If you didn’t do anything crazy you’ll regret not having been more spontaneous.

You’re always going to wonder what if. Learn to enjoy the present moment for what it is.

Meta AF.

Learn the art of not giving a shit.

You’re going to dwell on things. You’re going to have regrets. You’re going to learn that life can be a cunt, and shit never really gets easier. But you’re also going to get better at it all. Sooner you realize that, sooner you can get over the past and start working on the future.

Accept your inevitable regrets, and learn from them.

“Life = Regret” apparently.

Realize that your 30s and 40s is too damn young to feel regret for “life” yet.

You’re always young until you decide you’re not.

Exercise. Floss. Sunscreen. Moisturize. Sleep. Max out your retirement account. Keep your credit spotless.

On average, if you put X in your retirement account every year from 18 to 30 and then stop contributing, you will have more money at 65 than if you start contributing X every year at 30 until 65.

I haven’t flossed in ages, but everything else makes sense.

Wear a condom.

Never trust birth control.

Invest. Start saving for retirement/your kids’ college/etc. I soooo did NOT do this. :/

“Be smart with your money” is another common theme.

Compose more memes.

Memes are the currency of Millennials.

If you smoke – QUIT THAT SHIT!

It will kill you at some point.

Something. It’s ok not to know what you want to do with your life, but if you use that as an excuse to bum around and no nothing useful, productive or particularly memorable then you’ll regret your wasted time.

“Just do something.”

As a man approaching fifty, I can tell you that the only regrets that seem to fester are regretting the things you didn’t do instead of the things you did do.

Look at it this way. Your twenties are the age where you still have a chance to explore. To reinvent yourself. Find out who you are, and what you want to do. By the time you hit your thirties, that’s when you have to knuckle down and build something. You may have a family. Responsibilities. People who depend on you. It’s a hell of a burden, and how well you shoulder it depends on the strength you developed in your twenties.

Go see the world. You may not be able to when you’re older. I spent most of my twenties hopping trains and hitch hiking. I might have been poor, hungry and homeless, but the things I learned on the road translated to success later on in life.

Get out of your comfort zone. Too many young people live in a bubble. they go to high school with people like them, then go to college with people like them, then wind up in a job with similar people. Don’t do that. i lived in trailer parks, ghettos, mansions, and villages. Today I can sit down with a field hand or a businessmen and communicate with them. It’s hard to hate your fellow man once you’ve gotten to know them.

Make stories. Your twenties are the times when the wild things happen. I can tell stories of watching midget prostitutes having a knife fight in the porn store I worked at. I can tell stories about being kidnapped by bikers for a drug deal. I can tell of my time as a fortune teller to a model on the run from her southern sheriff father, fleeing across the country in her El Camino. These are experiences I never have now as an older man, tasked with the responsibility of taking care of other people.

Take time to learn. Lean how to sail a boat. How to perform on a stage. How to fix an engine. How to fly. How to field dress an animal. How to juggle for spare change. Learn as much as you can, and you’ll be amazed how many of those skills will cary over to the “real” world as an adult. You won’t have time to learn new languages, or spend weeks obsessed with a new field when you’re older. Do it now!

Finally, learn to fail. Embrace failure. Roll the dice, lose everything and learn how to pick yourself back up. No matter how safe you play your life, tragedy is going to happen. A measure of a person is how they get back up after they’ve been hit. Failing now will train you in the future to overcome whatever hardship comes your way.

Relax. You have your life ahead of you.

Damn, that was soothing as hell.

Workout, eat right, don’t get fat

You’re going to get fat anyway. No matter how hard you try.

Make mistakes.

Uh, check.

Make good friends.

Five lifelong friends are better than 50 peripheral ones.

Grind in your 20s, build in your 30s, chill in your 40s

Sounds like a plan.

Learn to budget. It’s a lot easier to forget regrets from 10-20 years ago if you aren’t still trying to pay them off in your 40s. That big screen and stereo are going to be out dated next year, buy a 32 inch and a Bluetooth speaker.

Use every form of birth control available to you. The easiest way to make sure you will be poor your entire life is to have kids before you have a fulltime job with health insurance and family medical leave.

And if a drunk friend comes up to you at a party and says “I got your back. Do you got mine?” He just started some shit he can’t finish on his own or is going to, and wants you to save his ass. Tell them “You go ahead, if they get you down I’ll pull them off of you.” You won’t be telling them “no”, that would just get them fighting with you, and without you right behind them they hopefully won’t have the balls to go through with it. Hopefully..

Budgeting is probably one of the most useful life skills out there. Don’t be a fool and ignore it.

Have a lot of sex, study hard, and work out. This order

His words (or hers, I guess), not mine.

To read more of this epic advice thread, click HERE.

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