A Breakdown Of Forbes’ List Of The Best Cities For Millennials

A Breakdown Of Forbes' List Of The Best Cities For Millennials

Rent too high to live anywhere other than your childhood bedroom? Swiped through all of your Tinder options in 15 minutes? It may be time to pack up and move. The only question is where, but thankfully, Forbes has our back with their release of the best cities for millennials in 2015. These U.S. cities are ranked by a combination of unemployment rate, percentage of millennials, millennials moving into the city, and average rent price. I’ve picked some of the highlights for you guys, and honestly, some of these rent prices are making me seriously consider reserving a uHaul right now.

25. Tempe, Arizona

Where is this? Is the cost of living so low because you live in a town with 12 people and half of them die of heatstroke? Although with only a median rent of $925/month, I would ALMOST consider moving out to the desert and getting a pet cactus. Almost.

24. Chicago, Illinois

I can’t say I disagree, because who doesn’t love Chicago? Great food, great sports, great bars — what more does a millennial need to have an Instagram-worthy life? 19 percent of the city is composed of millennials, so your Tinder matches will be through the roof in this windy city.

23. Queens, New York

You get the proximity of the city with the dirty reputation that comes with Queens, but if you don’t care about what people think about you, Queens is a great place to be. The unemployment rate is a very low 5.9 percent, which is great, because you’ll need a bit of cash to pay the average rent of $1315 (LA residents, don’t hate me). I hear they have great brunch though, so it’s not all bad.

22. Rochester, Minnesota

If you’re ok with cold winters and horrible fucking accents, Rochester is the place for millennials to be. If that joyful description didn’t convince you (although I don’t see why not), maybe this will: there’s only an average rent price of $792/month. With all of my savings, I could buy a couple winter coats, an antidepressant prescription, and probably be pretty okay with this lifestyle.

21. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

It’s kinda cold and all of the men have dad bods, but if those are positives for you, you should probably move to Pittsburgh. There’s amazing food, world-renowned bars, great sports (with horrible fans), and did I mention there were some pretty great watering holes? Even better is that you can actually afford to live here – at a median rent of $767, you’ll actually be able to afford to see your friends more than once a quarter.

20. Santa Clara, California

Better bring a roommate along to help you afford the $1,609 rent, but to live in a sunny city where 18 percent of the population is ready to party with you may actually be worth it.

19. Bellevue, Washington

I’m assuming based completely off of incorrect stereotypes that your life here would consist of sitting in a local coffee shop wearing a rain coat, but if that appeals to you, check out this city on the water with only 4 percent unemployment. You’re almost guaranteed to get a job – even if it is at said coffeehouse.

18. Portland, Oregon

Is it Washington or Oregon with the terrible weather and the coffee shops? It doesn’t matter because they both sound like horrible places to live. If you like your weather sending you into a daily depression, get some latte art at a coffee shop in Portland with the other 20 percent of the millennial population on your way to work as a park ranger.

17. Madison, Wisconsin

What’s Wisconsin famous for? Cheese? If that wasn’t good enough, the perks are even better: you can live for around $900 with the other 20 percent of the population that’s composed of millennials. An almost guaranteed Tinder match over fondue – I honestly couldn’t imagine anything better if I tried.

16. Austin, Texas

A whopping 21.2 percent of Austin’s population is composed of millennials, and with a 3.2 percent millennial newcomer rate, that number keeps climbing. I hear there are delicious tacos, and if you don’t mind coughing up a bit for anti-frizz hairspray, you can live in this hippie capital for an easy $978 a month. Bonus: You may even run into a Grandexer on Dirty 6th, if you’re lucky.

15. Sunnyvale, California

I have no idea where this is, but just the name gives me the impression that the weather will work to your advantage if you move here. You’ll want to find one of the millennials making up 20.4 percent of the population to be your roomie though if you want to afford the $1,606/month rent. The good news is that the unemployment rate is only 5.5 percent, so chances are that you’ll be able to squeak by.

14. Brooklyn, NY

Want to live in the big apple without the embarrassment of Queens while saving money from a downtown apartment? Find some hipster friends and relocate to Brooklyn, where you can visit dive bars with 17.3 percent of the population, and then look fancy for work in Manhattan in the morning.

13. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Want to spend your days on a boat while snacking on soft shell crab? Can you tell I’ve never been to any of the places I’m analyzing here? Regardless, this place sounds like a Vineyard Vines paradise, and for a rent of $1,008/month, you can almost afford to shop there.

12. Minneapolis, Minnesota

I’ve already abused all the terrible Minnesota stereotypes in this article, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty here. $836 rent. Composed of 21.3 percent millennials, with 2.9 percent more filtering in. Unemployment rate of 6.9 percent. Move here if you enjoy the cold.

11. Denver, Colorado

I personally don’t prefer to be outdoors unless I’m on an excursion to the outlet mall, but for those of you who love the great, wild outdoors, I hear Denver is a dream come true. And hell, even I could find myself on a mountain filled with the joy of the great outdoors…. Okay, fine, the joy of only paying $883/month in rent.

10. New York, New York

You know the law: if Taylor Swift loves it, so must every other millennial. Live like Carrie Bradshaw except without the Manolo Blahniks -– you won’t be able to afford them with the $1,200 rent, but to live in the greatest city on earth? Worth it.

9. Boston, Massachusetts

3.6 percent of millennials are moving here, and for good reason. You get a gorgeous, old city with lots of history that’s grown to fit millennials with tons of food, bars, and sports that will keep you coming back for more. Sure, the rent is a little high ($1281), but to live in this city, it may just be worth it.

8. Berkeley, California

If moving to California is in the cards for you, you may want to check out Berkeley. Rent isn’t as high as you might expect ($1298), and you’ll be living with a millennial population of 17 percent that’s quickly growing with 4.3 percent of millennials moving in. It’s sunny, it’s rich, and (for California) actually affordable, so start packing your bags now.

7. Washington, D.C.

If you haven’t already ruined your political career for the sake of a few Twitter jokes, D.C. could be a good fit for you, albeit at the expense of your wallet. Even though you’ll be working like a dog, with 3.4 percent of millennials filtering in, at least you’ll have someone to go to happy hour with (even if happy hour happens at 9 PM).

6. Seattle, Washington

To land a solid tech job in a city with only a $1091 average rent, I’d say you scored big. The weather will probably suck, but if you’re in the tech industry, you probably have the money to save to gallivant off to the beach a few times a year.

5. Jersey City, New Jersey

If you enjoy being the scum of the earth, have fun living in Jersey. I almost hope an asteroid falls on this city so the 22.8 percent of millennials who live here will never have a chance to procreate. Moving on.

4. San Francisco, California

If you want the tech job without the depression of Seattle weather, Forbes says you should probably make the move to San Fran. Rent’s a pretty penny at $1488, but the unemployment rate is so low at 5.2 percent that you’ll almost definitely be able to afford it.

3. Alexandra, Virginia

With a whopping 24.4 percent of the population being millennials and an extremely low unemployment rate of 3.6 percent, I have no idea why everyone hasn’t already moved here.

2. Manhattan, New York

I’m not going to lie, this is 100 percent where I would live… if I had a trust fund and could afford to have a standing reservation at the Polo bar. But since I’m poor and would probably have to whore myself out to afford that $1442 rent, I’m going to have to pass. For those of you living the Gossip Girl life, know that I’m extremely jealous and hate you (just kidding, I love you. Invite me over).

1. Cambridge, Massachusetts

This home of Harvard pulls in at the number 1 spot with an insane 27.7 percent of the population being comprised of millennials and 6.9 percent more moving in. If you’re looking to meet people, finally get a Tinder match, and just have a great time with other people your age, move to Cambridge, because this place has it all.

[via Forbes]

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