5 Reasons Why It’s Best To Live By Yourself


Amongst the turmoil of figuring out all the lovely new things you have to pay for, renew (car inspections, job contracts), and change (air filters and freaking fire alarm batteries, which, by the way, are ALWAYS dead), you realize having a place to come home to and lounge around in your underwear while eating take-out Chinese food and enjoying the latest episode of Parks and Rec is the best thing that ever happened to you since receiving your diploma.

Here are a few reasons why living all by your lonesome postgrad is a good idea…

Reason #1

You don’t have a roommate. Let me repeat that. You don’t have a roommate. Which leads to…

Reason #2

You don’t have an unexpected third roommate aka your roommate’s significant other.

Reason #3

You can live in a house of filth and not feel guilty about it. Don’t want to do the dishes tonight? Don’t have to. Don’t want to pick up and/or clean all your dirty clothes? Don’t have to. It’s totally acceptable to literally live in a pig’s sty if you so choose. Just don’t invite anyone over for beers or to watch the next episode of The Bachelor, because they will judge you (just like a roommate would).

Reason #4

You can live in a perfectly clean house if you so choose. Imagine all those times you threw a fit when your roommate decided to leave every dirty pot in the sink after making a feast for himself and his obnoxious significant other. Annoying right? Now you can have the perfect kitchen that you always wanted but never got because your roommate was a slob. You’re also able to enjoy coffee on your actual coffee table without having to clear beer bottles and to-go boxes every single time you want to sit and drink coffee in your living room.

Reason #5

Along with being able to keep your apartment as clean or dirty as you so wish, and not having to deal with nagging roommates and their significant others, renting (and especially owning) a place on your own is satisfying in its own right and, in a way, a sort of postgrad victory. Sure, you have a hard time budgeting your measly paycheck to cover bills, food, gas, and happy hours, but somehow all that is forgotten when you’re able to write your rent check every month with your own money.

Now, if you’re too poor to live by yourself, don’t kid yourself. Suck it up and get some roommates. Hopefully one day soon you’ll be able to enjoy the sweet bliss of having your own apartment or house that you can call your own.

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