41 Signs You Might Be Kind Of A Skank

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  1. You’ve been confused more than once about whether an article of clothing is a shirt or a dress.
  2. You’ve worn fishnets to a dive bar.
  3. You use the “moments” section on Tinder.
  4. You own a knockoff designer handbag.
  5. You think Eminem is sexy.
  6. You use the word “ratchet” frequently.
  7. You have a tattoo on the inside of your bottom lip.
  8. You have a subscription to People magazine.
  9. You can fit your hand through the hoop earrings you’re wearing.
  10. You’ve dated a guy who wore white sunglasses.
  11. You’ve purchased Plan B more than once this month.
  12. You have a Monroe piercing.
  13. You love the movie “Spring Breakers.”
  14. You consider Miley Cyrus to be a feminist.
  15. You own an article of clothing with a marijuana leaf design.
  16. You run out of black eyeliner faster than any other beauty product.
  17. You smoke Marlboro Reds.
  18. Your favorite perfume is “Curious” by Britney Spears.
  19. Your hair extensions have gotten caught in your earrings before.
  20. You still fuck up there, their, and they’re on social media.
  21. You have an unhealthy addiction to “Catfish” or “Buckwild.”
  22. You wear “kandi” even when you’re not attending a music festival.
  23. You’ve made a recent purchase from Spencer’s that was not for a bachelorette party.
  24. Your acrylic nails have dolphins or palm trees on them.
  25. You’ve snorted Adderall at some point in your life.
  26. The majority of your clothes are from Forever 21, despite the fact that you’re older than 21.
  27. Your boyfriend has a tribal tattoo.
  28. You really want to move out to California some day.
  29. You’ve waited in line in the bathroom to try to get a line in the bathroom.
  30. You drink more Keystone than a frat boy.
  31. You have a favorite teen mom from the most recent season.
  32. You’ve gotten wasted by drinking nothing but vodka crans.
  33. You have a tennis bracelet made entirely of cubic zirconia.
  34. Part of your hair is dyed an entirely different color than the rest.
  35. You wore pasties to Coachella.
  36. You have a collection of snapbacks.
  37. You’ve used “turnt” as a verb.
  38. EDM is your favorite musical genre.
  39. You would be legitimately excited to meet Kim Kardashian.
  40. You have a baby daddy.
  41. Your belly button piercing has dangling jewelry.

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Lyla Garrity

After dumping her high school beau, Tim Riggins, Lyla transferred from Vanderbilt to the most expensive university in Texas and recently graduated only to conclude she is too pretty to spend the next four years slaving away in medical school. With a now worthless Biology degree she’ll be attending business school starting this fall. Her pastimes include cheerleading, brunching, and frequenting pretentious Dallas bars on the weekends.

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