10 Websites That Changed My Life


1. Snes9x: A Super Nintendo Emulator you can download for free on your Mac or PC. You can play almost any game from the best video game system of your childhood, from Donkey Kong Country to Mario RPG to Mortal Kombat. It causes so much nostalgia you may forget you have work in the morning. It’s also good filler for free time at the office.

2. DuoLingo: Looking to make a woman melt in the palm of your hand by whispering sweet nothings in French? Do you want to be able to bribe Mexican policemen? Do you want to hit on the German barmaid during Oktoberfest? Do you want to know what the hell pasta fagioli is? Duolingo has the easiest system to learn the conversational basics of a foreign language, and it’s free online or on your smartphone or tablet.

3. Option Monster: Learn the basics of options trading to help grow that $100 per month (ten Chipotle burritos in postgrad currency) into a nice little nest egg. Jon and Pete Najarian know their shit, and options trading is preferable to drunkenly calling your bookie and blindly betting on your alma mater.

4. Ticket Network: My favorite alternative to StubHub and it’s far better than buying from the homeless guy outside the venue.

5. Ranks countries by their economic freedom. Perfect to plan your escape from the US when the economy inevitably implodes in upon itself.

6. Keep it in your glovebox. Don’t let questionable and arbitrary “probable cause” ruin your 3 martini lunch or Happy Hour.

7. 300 Sandwiches: Food porn that puts chow down on the same level as pound town.

8. Free MIT Classes Online: Free MIT coursework if you want to relive your college days academically as well as alcoholically.

9. USA Carry: If you are a firearm owner and have a carry permit, you probably don’t want to drive or fly your firearm to a state that doesn’t take kindly to your state’s carry permit. I’ve heard horror stories about people being thrown in jail even though their guns were bought legally. Know your shit.

10. Watch ESPN: If you have the right cable subscription you can access this God’s gift to sports fans and watch games live or as replays. I find it particularly useful when I black out before the game starts and can watch the replay online.

You are welcome.

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"Technically, Pablo Escobar was in sales."

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