Kentucky Woman Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend In An Absolutely BRUTAL Facebook Post

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If you’re wondering what that mushroom cloud is rising over Bowling Green, Kentucky, it’s just this scathing breakup letter a woman left for her boyfriend on Facebook. The woman, who remains nameless, was dating the coach of a high school boys basketball team in Bowling Green. The coach, Jason Stonebraker, resigned after this devastating letter hit Facebook:

Dirty laundry time! I don’t usually share drama on social media, but I need to bring this to the world’s attention. I know you’ve seen a lot of activity from me lately flaunting my adorable relationship with the boyfriend, Jason Stonebraker. While these things truly happened, I was not honest with you about my true feelings. These posts were part of a plan to end my relationship. Let me tell you why.

I recently found out my wonderful, committed boyfriend (with whom I currently live) has been cheating on me with at least five women. They range in age and appearance and are, I’m sure, just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll choose to take the high road here and not divulge their names. It all started when I stumbled upon his phone and found some very incriminating texts and pictures. For the record, I am no snooper. It’s just not my style. I was only curious, just wondering what he’d been up to. I have nothing to hide and assumed he didn’t either.

But sure enough, I struck infidelity gold and discovered what a twisted psychopath he really is.

The fun part of the story is that when he left for work this morning, I kissed him goodbye and asked what he’d like for dinner tonight. Tonight when he gets home, however, he will find an empty apartment and this letter:

February 24, 2014

To Coach Jason (Stoney) Stonebraker:

YOU ARE A FOOL. You’re a liar, a cheater, and a borderline pedophile. You disgust me. You’ve used me and taken me for granted far too long. I will not waste one more precious minute with your sorry self.

You call me crazy—the lamest, most overused derogatory insult for a woman. (I know you struggle with big words, so derogatory=bad.) I’ll admit, I was crazy. Crazy for lowering my standards for you. Crazy for believing you had potential. Crazy for making excuses for your faults and overlooking your downfalls. Crazy for believing you when you told me you loved me and wanted to spend the rest of your life with me. Crazy for wasting 2 1/2 years on you. Crazy to move from Nashville to Bowling Green to be with you. Like I always say, “Behind every crazy woman is a man who made her that way.”

I couldn’t care less what you think of me. Lions do not lose sleep over opinions of sheep.

To reiterate (that means “go over it again”): I am light years out of your league. I am smarter than you, more successful than you, and kinder than you deserve. I DESERVE BETTER THAN YOU. And everyone knows it. I see the look in your friends’ eyes. The look that says “why are YOU with HIM?” None of my friends or family can stand you and have eagerly encouraged me to leave you for years. I should have listened sooner.

About the apartment: I terminated the lease weeks ago. (Yes, WEEKS.) It’s up March 31st. You have two options: 1) pay March rent or 2) GTFO. We both know you’re broke with barely an income, so I assume you’ll move back in with mommy and daddy—if they let you. Remember how happy they were when I moved to Bowling Green a year ago and you FINALLY moved out of their house? LOL

You’re a broke, 30 year old manwhore who lives with his parents. And it’s likely you’ll be without a job very soon. So lame.

I feel as though an elephant has been lifted from my shoulders—or should I say a yeti? I’ve supported you, I’ve paid for EVERYTHING, I’ve cooked, cleaned, and done your laundry. I gave you my entire heart and everything I have but still this wasn’t enough for you. You’ve wanted for nothing, yet you still felt the need for attention from other women? You just needed your ego stroked—among other things. Because that’s the kind of person you are. You are a twisted psychopath and a master manipulator of women. You flaunt a bravado to cover up your wild insecurities. You are the most pretentious egomaniac I’ve ever met. (All those big words mean “you talk a big game but you ain’t shit.”)

In conclusion, I am elated to be done with you. Thank you for giving me an easy out. I’ve struggled with wanting to leave you for months but my big heart didn’t want to hurt YOU or leave you stranded without a place to live. (Really, where are you going to go?) In light of your multiple infidelities, I have found clarity and peace. I may mourn the loss of a relationship, but I will never mourn you. I cannot wait to get you out my life. I’d rather live in a polar vortex for a hundred years than spend one more day with you.

I will go on to be the amazing, independent woman that I am: charming, successful, kind, clever, witty, faithful, talented, and wicked smart…my list of attributes is a mile long.

And you’re the fool that let me go.

Bless your stupid, stupid heart.

P.S. Although I’m sure there’ve been countless others, your epic douchery has come to my attention only in the past few weeks. Everything I’ve done since then has been a calculated step in my overall strategy to leave you. Nothing I’ve done has been without purpose. Holding my tongue and acting as if everything was normal: the purpose was to blindside you. AND IT WORKED. The whole twitter ordeal and tagging you on social media: the purpose was to call attention to myself and let the other women know you had a live-in CURRENT girlfriend so they could also see what a dog you are. AND IT WORKED. Packing my belongings bit by bit “to sell in a yard sale”: the purpose was to make it easier on me moving day. AND IT WORKED. Telling you I’m working from home today: the purpose was so I could pack in peace whilst you were at school. AND IT WORKED.

Not only do you take me for granted, but you also overwhelmingly underestimate me.

Hell hath no fury as that of a woman scorned, Jason.

I have already moved on from you. And it was easy.

So the moral of this story is, a man should never underestimate a woman with bigger balls.

Game. Set. Match. She even threw in a Game of Thrones reference for good measure. Apparently, Stonebraker is also under investigation for “inappropriate electronic communication” with an 18-year-old student.

The woman’s original Facebook post has since been taken down and she offered this apology, seems to ring kind of hollow after she completely wrecked this guy’s life.


[h/t Deadspin]

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  1. 226

    “I don’t snoop, I just figured I’d look through his phone cause he shouldn’t have anything to hide”

    Not saying the guy is right at all, but this doesn’t help prove she isn’t crazy too

    Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 2 years ago
    • 4

      EH…don’t bother. Have you seen her pictures? Average at best. Probably fun to have a go with her after a few beers but this story gives me the distinct impression that she’ll be saying “I love you” the next morning when you’re still trying to figure out her name.

      Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 2 years ago
    • 6
      Year Around Work

      It reminds me of the psycho Carrie Underwood song “before he cheats.” Cheating is bad, but she is clearly pretty shitty as well.

      Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 2 years ago
  2. 104

    The woman broke up with a guy who was banging the girls HS basketball team. Might want to double check the editorial process there.

    Also if he’s banging a bunch of HS girls, I don’t think he really cares whether or not someone posted the breakup on FB. Additionally if you spend half of the letter emphasizing how much better you are than the sleaze bag you’re dating, it doesn’t come off as the most secure way to do things.

    Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 2 years ago
  3. 88
    Jack and Diet Abramoff

    Is it bad that I want to marry this girl? She’s right that calling a woman crazy is often a cop out.
    And I love an independent woman.

    Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 2 years ago
  4. 70

    The good ole “I’m not crazy, now look at all the crazy shit I did.” Good luck to the guy she moved on with, he’s just as dumb as the cheater.

    Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 2 years ago
    • -6

      His name was “forever ruined” when he was having an inappropriate relationship with students at the high school where he coaches. She did not ruin his name, he did that all on his own.

      Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 2 years ago
      • 29

        “She did not ruin his name, he did that all on his own.” I would disagree. Sure, the guy is probably a cheater and a loser, but she went beyond that and damaged his reputation forever. Google his name and the first page of results are all about this scandal. This relationship and her anger will go away, the damage she caused online will never go away.

        Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 2 years ago
        • 4

          Maybe he should have kept his —- in his pants? Maybe he shouldn’t be —— young girls? He brought it on himself. To bad for him? I cant see where anyone thinks that what he did is okay and acceptable. Sure, she shouldn’t have taken it that far, just leave. Now they can both dwell on their wrong doings.

          Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 2 years ago
        • 1

          Previous to her post- when you googled his name it was all about him having inappropriate contact with STUDENTS at the HIGH SCHOOL where he worked. Amazes me that everyone wants to just gloss over that fact.

          Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 2 years ago
          • 5

            The inappropriate contact is electronic communication, with no evidence of a physical relationship after the investigation. Unless I’m missing something he was text flirting or sending pics whatever it may be to an 18 year old still in high school. Is that low for a 30 year old guy? Absolutely. Low enough to ruin his name forever? I don’t know about that.

            Nice workMehLog in or sign up to reply. • 2 years ago

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