Your Guide For How To Pop The Question

Your Guide For How To Pop The Question

Simply put, there comes a point in a man’s life where he looks at his current relationship and thinks, “Is this one the one?” It’s an exciting realization, but a scary one as well to know that you could be close to popping the question.

At a younger age, this perhaps wasn’t a thought that ever crossed your mind. Too serious too soon perhaps, or just simply not ready. But at some point you begin to realize that it’s starting to feel like the right situation for you; you feel that comfort and love with your partner that just may give you the confidence to take this relationship further than you’d ever dreamed.

Before you feel like you can’t wait any longer to utter the question of all questions to your partner, take a quick step back. Are you really ready? Is she ready? If you’re even considering it there’s obviously mutual love and comfort on both sides, but that alone isn’t enough to make sure a proposition of this magnitude can work out long-term for both parties. You need to be as sure as one can possibly be that the affection that surrounds your relationship is enough to hold a bond through the toughest and tightest of times because, if not, this will be waste of effort.

If by reading all of that you said beyond a shadow of a doubt, “I’m ready, and we’re ready,” then all you have left is to prepare the perfect scenario to ask. Setting this in motion should truthfully be easier than you might think. If all the boxes in your relationship are checked for you to have gotten to this point, then you know the right buttons to push. Picking an optimal setting to let those magical words leave your lips should be a piece of cake, because if you’re as close with your loving partner as you think you are, you know what makes her heart flutter like butterflies in a meadow.

Maybe it’s over a romantic dinner, or perhaps a scenic picnic at one of your favorite date spots. What about a dreamy vacation? Under the glow of the Eiffel Tower or in the mist radiating off Niagara Falls. Only you truly know what would be the perfect way to evoke as passionate a response from her, a response to where you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re both prepared for this next step in your lives.

Obviously, once you’ve picked a setting and put the wheels in motion, that’s where the nervous jitters start to take hold. What if you’re rejected? What if that fondness and yearning that you feel for her isn’t quite as reciprocated on her end? It’s a risk you have to take, because once you’ve reached the peak of your emotional love for this woman, you owe it to yourself to ask. A life filled with “What ifs?” isn’t a life worth living.

With your heart practically beating out of your chest and sweat likely glistening on your apprehensive forehead, you’ll reach the point where if you don’t go ahead and ask then you feel like the nerve will leave you forever. Don’t you dare forget however, that this is your time to shine, and a special moment for both of you. This is your “You complete me” moment. Your “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird” moment. She’s your Rose, and you’re her Jack. Man up and stare into her eyes like you never have before, and let the words escape your lips.

“Do you want to try anal?”

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Kyle Bandujo

The artist formerly known as Crash Davis. My kid doesn't think I'm funny.

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