Yoga Pants Prank Humiliates Creepy Dudes, Shows Just How Much Men Stare at Butts

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A YouTube video by the user fouseyTUBE, who uses his channel to showcase his pranks and skits, recently released a video called “YOGA PANTS PRANK!” which immediately went viral.

The video shows the creator of the channel, a small man, bending over seductively, trying to retrieve something from the trunk of his car. He is in what seems to be a very busy parking lot, and as every man who walks by inevitably stares at his ass since they think he is a woman, he jumps up and calls out each man for looking at his ass. It’s actually a pretty hilarious prank, especially when you see how many of the guys are immediately horrified when they realize they’ve just checked out a man’s butt. Some of them laugh it off and admit that they thought they were checking out a woman, some walk away from him as fast as humanly possible, and the more humiliated ones turn to violence–most notably, the last larger guy who actually chases the prankster around the parking lot trying to fight him. (Granted, asking the already pissed guy to squeeze his ass may have been going a teensy bit overboard…)

Though it’s a hilarious video in itself, it’s also a great way to bring to light how women are objectified on a daily basis for wearing form-fitting clothing. Sure, some women wear yoga pants because they know they look good in them. Some women wear them for the pure comfort of relaxing, stretchy pants. Some may wear them for both reasons.

But does that mean a woman should have to deal with catcalling, being stared at, and basically being made to feel like she’s just here for no reason other than to provide a good view for men?

This prank perfectly exemplifies the kind of behavior women have to deal with from men every day–and not just when we’re wearing yoga pants. I hope this video opens men’s eyes as to how they, as a whole, treat women daily. Maybe, just maybe, they will think twice the next time they’re tempted to stare at a girl’s assets or catcall some ridiculous “compliment.”

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