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  • ThePhiTour 7 years ago on Woman Arrested For Home Invasion Casually Leaves Behind A Resume

    Unrelated, but need some advice: I’ve got a final interview with a startup today for a sales position. The product’s a SaaS that deals with business intelligence – they’ve just become profitable and finished a series B to bankroll these new sales positions. The company seems fine but since it’s a private startup a lot of their finances and valuations are murky. How do you determine whether a startup can be competitive and worth a career move?

    On a separate note after writing this, a crowdsourced dudes doing business advice column might be some #qualitycontent

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  • ThePhiTour 7 years ago on This Weekend In Fun: July 28

    Having a super huge darty at my frat mansion tomorrow. Tons a beers, tons a girls, gonna be good fun. We’ll spend the day drinking like we did in the glory days, which means we’ll spend the night puking like we did in the glory days. Come by if you’re anywhere near Stamford CT.

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  • ThePhiTour 7 years ago on Morning Coffee Thoughts 7/25

    Getting flown out for a final round interview at a fairly popular search engine. Since this is the first time I’ve ever had to expense something (odd, I know) I’m getting my first big boy credit card this week.

    Any suggestions on what a young underpaid man who spent the last few years solely paying off student loans and rent should sign up for?

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