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  • RagnarDanneskjold 11 years ago on #StopCrossFit

    I’m literally addicted to crossfit football, but…

    Crossfit football is not like most crossfit affiliates. The strength training is more structured, and amateurs are not expected to do things like Muscle ups, overhead squats, or most Olympic lifts. Amateurs are rarely expected to do any lifts that are not either in the book Starting Strength or easy enough for a fifth grader to learn by watching a 90 second YouTube video.

    Also, about the whole paleo thing; just don’t eat any bread or rice or corn or anything derived from those things. That’s actually pretty easy to do.

    As far as a “box”, I don’t work out at a box because, like the author of this article, the whole crossfit cult is very off putting for me.

    PS: the milk thing actually works. No, it is not easy to drink a gallon of milk a day, but it will work.

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