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  • PGCommuter 8 years ago on Stop Wearing Bow Ties To Work

    My boss is in his 60s and is an educated and extremely successful businessman. He wears a bow tie to work every single day. I’ve never once seen him in a long tie. You must not spend a lot of time in the South.

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  • PGCommuter 9 years ago on 6 Essentials For A Full-Time Commuter

    As a “full-time” commuter, this is all you could come up with? Must not be a very bad commute. A backpack, phone, headphones and sanitizer ARE essentials, yes, but they are also a given. I’m a full time commuter in DC (3.5hrs+ commute on a train, subway, plus a 20 minute walk) I was hoping for some sweet commuting gadgets! Let me rewrite this.

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