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  • Penthouse 11 years ago on 10 Types Of People You See At The Gym

    Honorable mention to “squat rack guy,” who either curls in the squat rack or takes it up by himself for ~45 minutes, which causes feelings of furious murder in the roughly 100% of gyms that don’t have enough squat racks.

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  • Penthouse 11 years ago on How To Do Vegas Right

    100% accurate. Imperial Palace, Harrahs, and Ballys are the best places to stay on the Strip. Go downtown, you can buy a New York strip steak for $5 at 2am then walk next door and get a lap dance. Bill’s Gambling Hall is the most fun casino you’ll ever go to. Go clubbing once and only once so you can see how much it actually sucks – just make sure you’re already wasted and/or high or you’ll walk out of there $500 poorer with nothing to show for it.

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