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  • paymemore 8 years ago on Terrible Bumble Bios Are Back, Have Not Stopped Being Terrible

    “8′ ft tall with 29 inch heels on.” –That should’ve been my first red flag, but I clearly miscalculated; so when he walked in and was like 5’6″, the only people I can blame, are all of my math teachers EVER.

    Every Guys’s Bumble Bio in Austin:
    -“Original Austinite/Been in Austin for 10 years” (NO ONE Cares, you aren’t a Unicorn)
    -“New to Austin, looking for someone to explore with.” (Stop it)
    -“Loves tacos” (Stop being an Austin/All Around Cliche)
    -“Traveling/Collecting Stamps on my passport” (stop it)
    -“Entrepreneur/Start Up” (oh, so like unemployed?)
    -“Anything Outdoors/Active Lifestyle” (No, I am not looking to find you on the greenbelt or town lake)
    -“Passionate about Crossfit/Foodie/Lake Rat” (do you want to get punched?)
    -“Adventures and live Music, lets catch a show” (no. seriously. stop.)

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  • paymemore 8 years ago on The Sunday Scaries Panic Room Rundown: October 23rd

    pretty sure if I were your gf; I would also let you steal my clothes and leave you to fend for yourself on sundays, or get irrationally angry for not giving me attention, but then also be flattered that you took the time to explain that I wasn’t a huge whale and the reason my clothes fit you.

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  • paymemore 8 years ago on Some Guys Track Coworkers' Periods To Avoid Moodiness

    This would be glorious and the most selfless thing ever; if they tracked my period and knew to stay away from me and not say stupid shit…its a win for everyone. They’d know to steer clear and I’d have less murderous thoughts.

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