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  • NEWMAN 7 years ago on 6 Questions For The South From A Country Music Loving Yankee

    To touch on your drunk driving question. Not from the south, but I’m from the south west. A lot of times if you know where you’re going, you can get from point A to point B without ever hitting a paved road or passing another vehicle, and that means people booze cruise it. Sometimes you don’t have a destination but just drive dirt roads shotgunning beers every time someone has to take a leak. One fun thing we used to do is randomly show up at houses of people you know, drink a beer with them and drive to the next person’s house. Could be down the road or miles apart and the person could be somebody’s uncle or could be just a friend of a friend.

    Just for the record, 99% of the “country” music you’re hearing on the radio is what people in high rise buildings think country lifestyle is like. The funny part is it’s actually a lot better than any Luke Bryan song his record company could ever write.

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  • NEWMAN 8 years ago on The Degenerate's Guide To Dipping In The Workplace

    I know SNUFF is a little hard to clean up, but it doesn’t give me a bulging lip and I don’t find myself needing to spit as often as I would with something flavored. I just always have toothpicks handy because they are functional and fun to chew on after you spit your dip out.

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  • NEWMAN 8 years ago on Chipotle Is About To Screw Us All

    I love Chipotle’s food as much as the next guy, but I stopped eating it when they came out with their “Farmed and Dangerous” crap. Damn hippies!

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