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  • LaVar Ball 5 years ago on Things Girls Do After Graduation: Pack

    MAN, Girl keeps walking all over SOFT Todd the way I’m sure a certain “president” is walked all over by his former model wife. Girl gonna get a second bag at that outrageous international travel price and Todd just gonna let it happen! You know what would be a better use of the money for this whole trip? The ZO2 shoe!! If Girl’s gonna act like a big balla she gotta be reppin all the time but I don’t see no ZO2s on her or her man’s feet! Fresh off of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Girl can get the ZO2 for JUST $545 — a special price for the wannabe #BigBaller!

    #BBB #ZO2

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  • LaVar Ball 5 years ago on The Chronicles Of Todd: Black Wednesday

    MAN, STAY IN YO LANE! What are you doing “Mr. President”? What were you even in CHINA FOR?! I don’t have to say thank you. I don’t go around thanking everyone for every little thing. Leave Gelo and kids in jail in CHINA? Man, what kind of “president” would leave AMERICAN kids in jail (they was in a hotel!) if you was really in China just to help them boys. Todd don’t need to thank Tyler for nothin. Todd been made soft by those fake friends like John and Caroline. Needs his father to step in, someone who won’t be too soft like I ain’t soft with Zo, Gelo, and Melo. Todd’s daddy ain’t soft unlike a certain “president” we have. #notmypresident #beabigballer #BBB

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