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Dillon Cheverere is the Vice President of Media for Grandex, Inc. Email: dillon@grandex.co

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This Weekend In Fun: February 9

Dillon Mailbag

Mailbag: Breaking Up A Wedding, Thoughts On Short Hair For Girls, And Choosing The U.S. City In Which To Live

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This Weekend In Fun: Super Bowl

Dillon Mailbag

Mailbag: A Boyfriend Who Can’t Climax, Liking Your Friend’s Girlfriend’s IG Posts, And Dillon Gets Asked Out

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This Weekend In Fun: January 26

Dillon Mailbag

Mailbag: Lying About Your Age, What The Bachelor Should Pay For On His Bachelor Party, And How To Have A Sick Beard

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This Weekend In Fun: January 19

Dillon Mailbag

Mailbag: True Meaning Of “Entrepreneur” In Dating Profiles, Friendzoning Yourself, And Fish/Dick Pics

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This Weekend In Fun: January 12

Dillon Mailbag

Mailbag: Paying With A Gift Card On A Date, Telling A Guy You Only Want Sex, And Which Dates You Make Your Moves