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I Go Costanza Style In The Office Shitter, But Why?

And he announces each country with gusto.

Man Films Himself In Every Country, One Second In Each

Fantasy Football Trash Talk: Office League vs. Friends League

Now I get it.

Porn Sex vs. Real Sex: Differences Explained With Food


Which 5 States Consume The Most Beer Per Capita?


The Cubicle Photobomber Is The Hottest Thing On The Web

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I Shit My Pants On Friday

It’s also likely the only badminton fist fight you’ll ever see. Listen to the sound of the first punch landing. Straight beat down.

The Most One-Sided Badminton Fist Fight You’ll Ever See

Been there.

Charl Schwartzel Throws, Snaps Club In Frustration

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How I Return My Shopping Cart And What It Says About The Day I’m Having