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  • Grad School Dropout 6 years ago on Financial Resolutions From A Guy With An Excellent Credit Score

    I use the You Need A Budget app and actually started tracking my expenses as of January 1st. It’s only been 10 days, but I really think that 2018 might be the year I get my shit together.

    I’m now hesitant to impulsively buy things or eat out too much just because I don’t want to have to enter the transaction into the app and see my balance goes down. I’ve been type of person who generally knew what they had in their bank account, but didn’t REALLY want to see the solid numbers. Staring the numbers right in the face is stressful, but also kind of empowering. I feel more in control and confident that I can pay my total credit card balance, even if I have to eat Ramen the last couple days of the month.

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  • Grad School Dropout 6 years ago on Kittenfishing And Pigging: Harmless Sounding Yet Very Douchey Dating Moves

    As someone fresh out of a relationship, I’m trying to take time to myself before I jump back in the pool again. BUT I’m also very reluctant to get back on apps, even if I was at a place where I felt emotionally and mentally ready to put myself back out there again.

    I did apps for years and had two relationships out of them, but they can be brutal. And now apparently guys can tell if I’ve packed on the holiday weight based on a selfie? Uhh, bye. Putting up photos for strangers to judge on the internet has lost all appeal.

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  • Grad School Dropout 6 years ago on To Make It Work, Stop Trying So Hard

    Yep. I’m one week out of mine and today would have been our one year. This article made me tear up at my desk. However – great writing, Josh, and I’m happy for you!

    I don’t see myself dating for a good long while, but I follow those same patterns with feeling like I constantly need to be better before I deserve someone else. Nothing wrong with trying to improve yourself, but being able to accept yourself as worthy of love just as you are is the way to go about it in a healthy way. Thanks for the great perspective.

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  • Grad School Dropout 6 years ago on Stop Telling Single People To "Just Stop Looking"

    I don’t think there’s ever a problem with looking. I think it kinda becomes an issue when you’re looking because you’re trying to find validation solely in someone else instead of feeling it yourself. Date, have fun, look for someone, but I think having enough self-confidence to admit that you’re also completely fine alone is important.

    I met my last boyfriend after a realization that I was happy alone, but I hadn’t closed down the Tinder or anything. He messaged me, things progressed, and I realized I was happier with him. I had never “stopped looking.”

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  • Grad School Dropout 6 years ago on A Meet Cute Story: Distractions and Delays

    Once had a guy cancel because he “tripped over his cat and sprained his ankle.” He ended up rescheduling, and still texted me constantly. We went on two great dates, then he bailed again because a “pen got in the washer, exploded, and messed up all his clean clothes.” I gave up after that one and stopped bothering with him. I never really believed either excuse, but the mind will rationalize strange things when you’re infatuated.

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  • Grad School Dropout 6 years ago on Rating The Most Popular Dog Names Of 2017

    The rescue I adopted my dog from named her Maggie. I really wanted to change her name on principle, but I legitimately could not find another name that fit her better than Maggie. I gave up and tacked a Lou on the end.

    Maggie Lou (who goes by plane old “Maggie” 99 percent of the time) is a hound mutt from West Virginia, so it fits

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  • Grad School Dropout 6 years ago on This Is How Guys Are Being Creepy Even If They’re Unaware of It

    Some of these hit SO close to home. Trying to get a guy to stop talking to me at a party… he kept asking me questions about myself, to which I would give one word responses. He finally asked me if I had any questions for him, and I straight up said “No.” He looked a little taken aback, but still would not stop trying.

    I once had a guy sit next to me on a Megabus, and he kept asking if I wanted a sip of the brown-bagged Hennessy he snuck on with him. I told him no and continued to lean on the window away from him, and he told me I could lean on him if I wanted. We got to a rest stop and he offered to buy me food, which I also declined. He finally goes “Well, I guess you have a boyfriend.” Because of course, the ONLY reason I wouldn’t be dying to talk to him is because I have a boyfriend.

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  • Grad School Dropout 6 years ago on Stop Getting Dogs You Can’t Take Care Of

    YES. My 30 lb dog does well in an apartment as long as she gets at least one long walk a day in addition to the shorter potty walks, and we take long hikes on the weekends. But people don’t seem to realize that if you’ve got a big dog, they require multiple, longer walks per day for exercise and mental stimulation.

    There’s also the cost of flea/tick + heartworm prevention, vet visits, and emergency vet visits (because things happen). Just made the final payment on a $1k surgery mine had to have earlier this year. I don’t regret getting her for a second and am more than willing to step up to the plate for anything that she needs, but I do really wish people would take these things into consideration before impulsively adopting a dog when they’re not ready to invest the time/money.

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  • Grad School Dropout 6 years ago on Bringing Your Dog To Work Is The Best

    Wish I could bring mine to work! She is a rescue as well, but is very shy and wary of new people, especially men. She’s leaps and bounds past how she was when I first got her though. Bringing her home was one of the best decisions I ever made 🙂

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