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  • banking.pledge 4 years ago on Day Traders, Volume V: I Have Questions

    I can only speak for myself, a non-target HF junior PM. I transitioned from being an analyst at a BB to a Macro L/S HF. Went from working 80+ hour work weeks at MS doing grunt work a golden doodle could be trained to do, to actively managing a small book as a junior PM. Generally in the office at 6:30am for an industry specific risk meeting, by 8am I’m on the desk and pretty much stay there all day watching the market and monitoring the watch lists. Order a thick lunch around noon, look for company specific arbitrage opportunities until 5pm. Market wrap meeting and another industry specific risk meeting from 5-6pm. After the meetings wrap up delete some vodka sodas with coworkers and friends from my analyst class who are still in the industry. As far as news goes, it’s the job of active managers to be ahead of news cycles so cable business news is only useful in certain circumstances, the analysis of the company and actually meeting the company heads tells the real tape. Generally speaking traders at hedge funds have the ability to take positions in the market (proprietary trading) if an opportunity presents itself.

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  • banking.pledge 4 years ago on Day Traders, Volume III: Live To Fight Another Day

    In US Equity Markets stocks moved higher today, led by a strong rebound in trade sensitive chip makers after DC cut off a Chinese semiconductor maker from its U.S. suppliers. Micron rose 1.4%, and helped the Philadelphia Semiconductor index move up 2.5%. the broader tech sector was up 0.42%. The S&P 500 was up 0.75% and the NASDAQ was up 0.95%.

    In other news my MD sent me an email saying “good job, thx” after working 48 hours straight on a presentation about how Deutsche Bank is no longer a Bulge Bracket firm. I’m framing the email.

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  • banking.pledge 4 years ago on It’s Time We Start Shorting Ourselves

    This trade actually plays, student loan defaults are about to break a key resistance level. They are also some of the only forms of debt that will carry forward after declaring chapter 13, the real question is what type of execution are we going for? Buy call options on the companies collecting and buy puts on retail companies cause we wont be able buy shit after the music stops.

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