UPDATE: They Found The Rogue Aspen Skier Throwing People Off Chairlifts

UPDATE: They Found The Rogue Aspen Snowboarder Throwing People Off Chairlifts

Updated: February 15, 2016

It’s been a long month of searching far and wide for the rogue skier who was just tossing people off chairlifts. But alas, they’ve officially found him.

Per The Aspen Times:

A 31-year-old Aspen man who threw a snowboarder off a chairlift at Aspen Highlands nearly a month ago finally was charged and arrested Thursday before appearing in District Court in Aspen.

Thomas Proesel — who has spent the last three weeks at a psychiatric hospital in Grand Junction — was charged with felony assault and misdemeanor reckless endangerment, according to court documents.

Proesel’s father and uncle attended Thursday’s advisement in District Court and were set to post a $10,000 bond at the Pitkin County Jail, then drive Proesel to a residential treatment facility in Tennessee. Proesel is reportedly suffering from a serious mental illness. District Judge Chris Seldin ordered that Proesel never leave the presence of his father and uncle during the two or three days it will take to reach the Tennessee facility.

I mean, I don’t normally hope that someone has a mental illness, but in this case I don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world. I don’t just want people of sound body and mind tossing snowboarders off chairlifts.

My only concern here is that this guy kind of looks like me, but with a stoned look on his face and a mop for hair.

And I thought it was annoying people told me I looked like Jason Sudeikis.

Originally published January 19, 2016

Remember in the Disney Channel film Johnny Tsunami when Johnny gets in a fight with the skier, Brett, because he calls him an “urchin” before they both partake in a winner-take-all one-on-one race that leads to Johnny stealing Brett’s girlfriend and further allowing skiers and snowboarders to coexist with one another? Of course you do, because Johnny Tsunami was an amazing film that made all of our childhoods infinitely better.

Unfortunately, the skier-snowboarder battle is still a hard-hitting issue in today’s society. It’s even escalated to the point where these bros are throwing each other off chairlifts in Aspen.

Seth Breckton, a snowboarder out of Aspen, took to his Facebook page to warn fellow gnar-shredders of the man that threw him 25-feet off the chairlift and into some powder after he made a comment about getting “tits deep pow shots,” which is officially now a part of my skiing vocabulary until the end of time. Seth’s entire story is hilariously remarkable, if not for the story itself but for the mondo language he used throughout.

WARNING! Be on the lookout for a skier chucking snowboarders off chairlifts. Yes, this is real.. Happened to me today while having a seemingly normal conversation riding up Loge chair at Highlands about pow when I made this comment “to get tits deep pow shots you just need to be on your edges.” Unknown human skier who tosses people from chair lifts was wearing a 1/3 burgundy 2/3 tan jacket with gray pants, an old silver Giro helmet with old Smith sensor mirror goggles, he replied, “are you laughing at me?” Me “Kind of…yes?? “ Well is this funny?”.. he then proceeded to push/pull me off the chair. Luckily I fell 20-25′ into a fluffy pile of snow. So thankful that I was not hurt due to some asshole being offended by a non- offensive comment. Proceeded to get my turns in throughout the day on the lookout for the suspect without luck. Watch out for the above D bag, be safe people and for your own sake don’t make jokes about having fun. Feel free to introduce the human hucking A-hole to karma if found on the mtn.

P.S. Go Broncos!

You can’t not respect what Seth is doing here. While I’ve commonly limited myself to phrases like “arcing some fatties in the ‘roy,” Seth went all in to incorporate some pretty strong lingo into his warning statement, making it the chillest warning statement about people getting thrown off chairlifts in recent memory. Luckily, the beauty of Seth’s linguistic talents didn’t end in the post as he also took to the comment section to enlist help.

When one fellow snowboarder remarked that he hopes the suspect “gets his ass kicked,” Seth went straight-up philosophical.

It will happen. all loose canons find a place to crash n burn

Mind blown.

He also spoke to the Aspen Times and gave his side of the story.

“I honestly thought I was dead,” Beckton said. “Because I didn’t know where we were (within the lift path). It’s not cool to think anyone would do that.”

The incident occurred at about 9:30 a.m., though Beckton, 28, did not report it until the end of the day. He said he was initially shaken by the incident and in a bit of shock, but since he wasn’t injured, he decided not to let it ruin his powder day.

“I think the guy was maybe on drugs,” Beckton said. “Maybe he was partying the night before and maybe he was tweaking out on something and he did that.”

Not cool, indeed, Seth. Not cool at all.

[via Facebook / Aspen Times]

Image via Facebook

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