UPDATE: All The Hair Is In From The Minnesota State Hockey Tournament, And It’s Glorious

UPDATE: All The Hair Is In From The Minnesota State Hockey Tournament, And It's Glorious

Updated: March 4, 8:16 a.m.

There was some more action last night in this year’s Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament, and it didn’t disappoint. You could even make a case that they saved the best for last, if we’re being honest. Let’s not let the words take away from the hair, so let’s get right into it.

We started off the night with a little goaltender action, and I must say, it wasn’t too shabby. It’s not often to you see a goalie with some breathtaking lettuce, so you have to respect Seth Eisele for being a real trailblazer here.

We were given a little more from Burnsville, who brought some Tim Riggins-esque heat earlier in the day. No, they didn’t play too games, but some teams just have overflow (if you will) that needs to be acknowledged.

I’ve got some mixed emotions over Wayzata’s style here. As noted, he went with the slickback and wings look, which I’m personally not a huge fan of. Kid Rock and I have always said, you have to pick one thing and do it perfectly. Just too all over the map here.

More from Wayzata, who seems to have a surplus of conditioner at their local convenience store. I’m not a huge conditioner guy myself, but to each their own.

But lets really get into the night games here, as there was some glorious stuff on the ice during the late shift.

Though they’re small, Bemidji really went for it last night. Yeah, it looks like Wayzata’s boys could take their lunch money, these boys make up for it in their dos. Without these, you’d have to think they’d look like some real cake eaters, but they’re making it work.

And then we’ve got Bemidji’s Rockey Copiskey, the one who claimed he wasn’t trying to win any awards with his hair-mustache combo this year. I think we can all agree that he was clearly lying, as you don’t look like that without expecting to make the top 10.

But again with the goalies who, as a whole, had a really strong showing this year. They don’t have the prettiest of mugs but don’t let that take away from the locks.

The team award has to go to Grand Rapids. These boys, from top to bottom, really came into this year’s tournament with a strategy. Though he was trying a little hard, Eric Soderberg went all in with his intro. Top 3 stuff, I’d imagine.

And finally, wrapping up the team action before hitting some stragglers, we’ve got Anoka.

I’ve never been a big fan of any type of coloring, unfortunately. I think you have to take what the Good Lord gave you and let it fly. Just feels a little bit forced.

Above is some overflow from the afternoon games. It’s clearly never too late to join the party. But our resident documenter, @Camber, saved the best for last.

Just wow. Normally, I’d hesitate to say this is the best hair without really seeing all of these flows in motion, but Litchfield’s #9 just really brought a lot to the table. Tapered sides with a lot of shag in the back, only to be accompanied by a goatee that would make even the Avery family jealous. Classic blue collar #OldTimeHockey look indeed.

Oh, and let’s not forget the world’s greatest interview after last night’s Wayzata game, and everything like that.

If we get any more info on this year’s hair, you know where to find it.

Originally Published: March 3, 4:36 p.m.

This morning, I reported on the immaculate hair being talked up at this year’s Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament. I mean, these kids were talking their lettuce up to the point where I was a little nervous they weren’t going to live up to the hype.

But nah, I was wrong. These kids are killing it with a capital “K.” Get a load of today’s first crop of A+ turf.

It’s too early to make the call, but team-wide, you’ve gotta think the Farmington Tigers are in the lead for best overall flow. They’ve got all the details down and are going to be tough to stack up against.

Meanwhile, Stillwater is giving it a shot but just coming up a little bit short. Respect the effort but they’re going to need some more conditioner and product if they want to really compete with the big boys.

But Logan Niemela from Litchfield is pretty much guaranteeing himself a spot in this year’s top 10 with his overall presentation. He’s #19 on the ice but #1 in your hearts. That wink, that gum chew, that hand throw the locks, and that smile are all a recipe for him getting super laid after the tournaments over.

But Burnsville? A team of men among boys. It’s like looking at Tim Riggins standing next to Saracen. Sure, they’ve got great hair but it isn’t A-List stuff quite yet. I’m sure they’ve got some diamonds in the rough, so they’re definitely a team to watch.

Mankato West is also going all-in as a team, especially with Lucas Pfeiffer tossing a little tickler on his upper lip to go that extra mile.

And last, but certainly not least, Thief River Falls is looking like something straight out of the Swedish version of Mighty Ducks. Their blonde locks parlayed with their yellow and blue jerseys are making for a potent combination on and off the ice. Remarkable stuff.

But finally, we’ve got a candid shot from last night’s banquet. Not completely sure who this stud out of Thief River Falls is, but he came to play with this perfection.

Oh, and let’s not overlook this 10/10 celly from earlier either.

As always, stay tuned for more Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament hair coverage through the tourney.

Image via Twitter

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