Tripping On Ayahuasca Is The New Business Fad That Seems Foolproof

Tripping On Ayahuasca Is The New Business Fad That Seems Foolproof

If you’re not trying to get an edge in your business, you’re going to get eaten alive and drift off into obscurity. Why do you think ball players juiced up on steroids? I mean sure, Dianabol makes you look like a Greek God, but you also hit yokers to the moon. The ball players who ‘roided up made millions. The ones that didn’t got cut and are now coaching high school baseball.

Some say the current edge in the boardroom is cold brew. Some say it’s still the tried and true illicit Bolivian marching powder. Some say it’s addy. Those are all great choices, but apparently, the times they are a changing because the new leg up in the board room is tripping on some psychedelic roots known as ayahuasca.

Per The Daily Beast:

Some American searchers are cutting their way through thick Amazonian wildlife to reach a remote location in Peru where they can consume a gritty cocktail that will send their brain on a psychedelic journey. Soon, their minds will bend and unfold in ways they’ve never fathomed. They’re seeking a hallucinogen called ayahuasca, which they’re hoping will give them clarity and a new perspective. However, these Americans are not doing it simply to alter their psyche; they’re doing it to be better in the boardroom.

Ayahuasca is a gut-wrenching brew made of roots, Banisteriopsis caapi vines, and leaves of the chacruna bush that are found in the Amazon. Drinking it sends you into a deep psychedelic trip. The trip is typically guided by a trained shaman, and Peruvians and other cultures have been consuming ayahuasca for centuries. Many users vomit during the experience, but the end result when it’s all over is often said to be a sense of clarity and a more substantial grasp on the roadblocks preventing you from reaching happiness or personal success.

“The Machu Picchu Ayahuasca Mastermind program reconnects participants with their true self. Or rather, removes the shit that is preventing them from experiencing their true self,” Michael Costuros, founder of Entrepreneurs Awakening, told The Daily Beast. Entrepreneurs Awakening is a group that takes members of the startup community to Peru to partake in a 10-day ayahuasca experience where participants hope to recalibrate themselves so they can increase their success in the business world and be more at ease.

All. The fuck. In. All the way in, baby. You trip your nuts off for ten days, throwing up your guts everywhere, your brain melting out of your ear holes like you’ve got ebola and then BAM! You can finally take your business game to the next level. Hallucinate, re-calibrate, and then watch all those bingo dingos start rolling in by the millions.

This is some hardcore shit. Makes Vinny Chase taking ‘shrooms out at Joshua Tree seem like child’s play.

[via The Daily Beast]

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