This Chicago High-Rise Has Attractive Residents And Wants You To Know It

This Chicago High-Rise Has Attractive Residents And Wants You To Know It

Think about all the things you take into consideration when you’re looking for a new apartment or other place to live. There’s the location, which is important for measuring both your commute to work and the likelihood of getting jumped outside your building. You have to make sure that the plumbing is functional and that the heating and air conditioning both work during the appropriate seasons. And most importantly, your neighbors can’t be a bunch of hideous freaks who look like they gather around to chant “Gooble Gobble” at the dinner table. At least, that’s what one Chicago high-rise residency believes it’s prospective tenants want.

The owners of Eight O Five LaSalle, the aforementioned high-rise located in Chicago’s swanky River North neighborhood, currently have a set of banners hanging from the side of their building highlighting the luxurious amenities and features they have to offer, not the least of which is their attractive residents.

From CBS 2 Chicago:

The building at 805 North LaSalle at the corner of Chicago is less than a year old and is made up of mostly convertible and one bedroom units.

Signs out front boast ‘a heated dog run,’ a ‘sexy rooftop pool’ and ‘attractive residents.’

‘I thought maybe the sign was spelled wrong,’ said Kyla Phu.

So did we, but the sign does in fact boast of attractive residents.

‘I guess you don’t normally say look you could have a beautiful neighbor,’ said River North resident Sarah Clouser.

Katie Passon says it makes her less likely to rent an apartment there.

‘It just kind of weirds me out,” she said.’

I don’t know what Sarah and Katie are talking about. The attractiveness quotient of a building’s residents certainly plays an important role in determining where you’re going to live, does it not? If you’re single, this is a huge boon for you because you have a whole crop of hot people hanging around for you to try to hit on without having to leave the comfort of your own building. Plus, seeing ugly people just ruins your day. There’s nothing worse than leaving your apartment for another long day work and having your neighbor Quasimodo get all up in your grill trying to talk with you about whatever it is that ugly people talk about.

The real question is, how is the building going to maintain the currently established beauty level of their residents? Clearly the owners feel confident enough in the current batch of talent that they decided to advertise it on the side of their building, and they can’t sully that reputation by just letting any average-looking schmuck live there. They must have a low-key screening process so they can keep the resident attractiveness level up without getting sued into oblivion for discrimination, not that discrimination of ugly people should count.

So if you’re looking for new digs in Chicago but couldn’t possibly fathom the thought of living around people who you deem to be even remotely unattractive, then this is the place for you. That is, if you can shell out about two grand a month for rent and have the looks to gain admittance into this apparent sanctuary of beautiful people.

[via CBS Chicago]

Image via Chicagoist

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