The Sunday Scaries Panic Room Breakdown: December 11

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The Sunday Scaries Panic Room Breakdown: December 11

The holidays are a strange monster. On one hand, everything is cheery – from the lit up neighborhoods to Christmas music playing in stores to parties everywhere you look. But on the other hand, December truly is a bender that will tear you from all the money, energy, and room left on your waistline before you know it. And with that exhaustion comes a special case of Sunday Scaries (and some cozy-as-hell Panic Room setups).

Let’s not mess around this Monday morning and get straight to it.

Had a hot start this week. Between the Christmas decorations and the Pedialyte, you have to respect that she did everything in her power to get through last night.

Reading on Sunday is an extremely optimistic move. It’s like you’re trying to tell the world, “Of course, I’m not so hungover that I can’t read,” but then you just stare at the letters wondering why you’ve re-read a certain sentence ten times over.

Leftovers, Christmas movie, candle, dog. If that’s not a recipe for success, I’m not entirely sure what is.

Just a ton of people with short weeks coming up. And you know what short weeks mean? Long weekends. Okay, I know that’s obvious but it’s Monday so.

This one was difficult. While flying on a Sunday night is enough to give anyone some sweats, being first class is a complete gamechanger. While I don’t condone getting hammered on Sunday nights, I do condone drinking the complimentary wine that comes along with your first class ticket.

I’m surprised #LoveActually wasn’t trending last night for the sheer amount of people who had it queued up in their beds. Oh, and stay tuned for a ranking of the best Love Actually storylines coming at some point this week.

Big T-Shirt Matt making his first appearance in The Panic Room rundown.

Dude, Nicholas, how many times do I have to tell you? You can’t have empty bottles just sitting around your place. Cleanliness is close to godliness, bro. And godliness is close to mental solitude.

Who still watches Everybody Loves Raymond?

The single candle burning in the midst of a dark room while Netflix plays on the television is pretty much the quintessential, “Someone please text me so I’m not alone with my thoughts” setup.

I have no idea why but the flowers on the coffee table made me laugh in this. But real talk, if I had to give Andrew some advice, I’d advise he invest in some nice lamps rather and tone down the lighting in there. Let that candle illuminate your situation a little more, my man.

I’ve watched Secret Life Of Pets twice in the last two weeks and I have zero regrets. The first scene and the final scene alone are enough to make you forget about how puffy your face is from being hungover.

Now this is what you call a Panic Room setup.

I may be immature but whenever someone has their temperature at 69, I feel like they’re doing it intentionally and smiling to themselves when they knock it one down from 70.

Snow turning into rain is like your Bloody Mary buzz turning into a hangover.

We have confirmed that this Golden Retriever’s name is Whiskey and is only three months old. If that doesn’t fill your heart, I don’t know what will.

Mom and dad’s house = all-inclusive resort. Everyone knows that. Christmas is essentially Spring Break but with free wine and deli meat rather than hot girls in bikinis.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days is a top-ten Scaries killer and anyone who denies that has a stick up their ass.

Love the move of getting a nice charcuterie and cheese spread going. If you do it right, you can just make a giant one for the early slate of NFL games and eat it throughout the day.

The return of Oregonian wines, which are quickly becoming a Panic Room staple. No explanation why.

I will never understand what type of company puts their Christmas party on a Sunday. Feels like that just ruins productivity for the entire week.

Noted contributor BoMax making his presence known.

And Producer Micah just killing any positive vibes we had going this week.

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