The Official Green/Grey Versus Pink/White Shoe Controversy Thread

I woke up today and did the normal internet thing you do when your alarm blasts you awake. After I checked my noties, I went to Twitter and saw this blowing up. It’s the white and gold dress controversy all over again. This time, it’s shoes.

I don’t care what the unfiltered version of that picture says – that filtered version is some version of grey and green. Call it seafoam. Call it mint. Whatever it is, those laces aren’t white. But apparently, when you see them side-by-side for a while, your brain is supposed to switch and see them both as the unfiltered version: an off-pink shoe with white laces.

Welp, I’ve been staring at this side-by-side for TWO FUCKING HOURS. I’ve been ignoring work emails. I’ve even forgotten to eat breakfast. My eyes are bleeding staring at this. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. I’ve never identified with anyone more in my life than I do currently with Mr. Pitt when he can’t see the Magic Eye painting spaceship that Kramer shows him.

Help me out. What am I missing? How does that green shoe “switch” colors on you mid-stare?! I need help. Also, today is a day I’m wicked glad that I work from home and not in an office. I remember when the dress thing happened. It’s all anyone in the office was talking about and I wanted to kill myself. Thank the lord and savior Tom Brady that I can sit in my room all day without having to deal with everyone asking me every five minutes “did you see the shoe thing?! What color did you see?!” I feel bad for all of you in the office right now dealing with Janice in finance asking everyone in the kitchen about that damn shoe.

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Boston Max

Spending my retirement fund at Trader Joe's and trying to remember to check my mailbox semi-regularly

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