The Friday Afternoon Open Thread: November 4th

The Friday Afternoon Open Thread: November 4th

It’s Friday afternoon. You’re not doing shit and you know it. It’s too early to leave because your superior is still at his desk (seriously, how does he have nothing better to do?) but there’s no motivation left in the week for you to actually do any work. So what’s next? Well, The Friday Afternoon Open Thread.

Questions? Ask ’em. Site feedback? Hit us with it. Just bored and need to forget that you’re still at work? Linger and listen to the most recent episode of Touching Base on iTunes or SoundCloud.

Let’s roll.

* * *

TFM had the EDM cruise. What would a PGP vacation consist of?

I mean, I went on the EDM cruise so I guess that?

Peej would probably be a golf trip at a resort. If you want to golf, cool. If you want to post up by the pool sipping Miami Vices listening to Yacht Rock, be our guest.

How do you get the scaries with a kickass job like this?

It’s a lifestyle. And just because you like your job means you like paying bills.

Flying into San Francisco tonight. Any suggestions of bars to hit?

It’s been so long since I’ve been there that I don’t even know if the bars I liked are still open.

What do I wear to wedding that most definitely wont be “black tie”? Its in a barn and theres a 75% chance the bride gets married in boots. Dont want to be too overdressed, but its a wedding.

Nice pair of slacks, button down, coat that could either stay on or come off. I don’t think you’ll be upset with that. Toss a tie in the pocket just in case you’re underdressed but you probably won’t be judging by your description.

Bought a tuxedo today because I am attending a black tie wedding and have a few black tie events coming up. What’s the most “adult” thing you’ve done this year?

Literally exactly what you just said.

That’s like saying don’t go to In n Out when in California and eat all sushi and hipster places you can. Let the man live a little

Austin has In-N-Out, Whataburger, and Shakeshack all within a couple miles of each other. It’s amazing.

Maybe don’t get Whataburger at all (exception: late night). Eat as much BBQ and Tex Mex as you can.

There’s the voice of reason we need. Matt’s El Rancho, son.

Back on the Whataburger note: Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits are so good but such a dangerous road to go down.

How’d it work that you had to move offices but got to keep your podcast studio?

The podcast studio is in a different office where we photograph stuff for Man Outfitters.

First time in Texas today. What’s my Whataburger order need to look like?

Tweet at Kayla and ask her. All I do there is get drunk and order taquitos but I wouldn’t advise that.

Why did Dillon loose his office?

We moved offices, and Content Alley goes too hard for us to be split up.

Dream guest for Touching Base?

McConaughey. Tiger or Spieth would be too guarded. We’d get so much out of McConaughey though.

Are you watching Westworld, and if you are do you think Jimmi and the man in black are the same person?

No, I was hungover and started an episode but fell asleep. I don’t know yet if I’ll get into it. I still need to watch Breaking Bad and GoT, so.

Who can forget the breastfeeding article debacle of 2016? #wemissCaroline #neverforget


Also will you no longer be doing these from a restaurant? Because I feel like objectifying the waitress and challenging you to take shots is one of the integral parts of the live blog

Oh, definitely more from restaurants to come. Doing these on Fridays just makes sense because at this point, most people have mailed it in. But I can’t just up and leave at 1 every Friday because I’ve got shit to do. As you know, content doesn’t sleep.

What’s a topic you’re scared to write about (not just write about then take down later)?

I’m not really “scared” to write about anything, but I don’t really touch politics or religion because 1. that’s not really what our site is about and 2. I’m terribly uninformed. What scares me about writing stuff is more of the reaction. There’s been stuff I’ve taken down that truly wasn’t really that bad, but the wrong people got a hold of it and turned it into something it’s not. But I’ve actually only taken down two or three things.

How about a Will deFries Alt-rock plug of the week to go along with the thug plug on touching base

Ha, do I listen to alt-rock? At work I listen to mostly jazz (yeah, fuck me, right?) and Kanye.

When is there going to be another Chronicles of Todd?

Sooner than later – John’s Bachelor Party, baby.

Are you obligated to tell your coworkers about cool places for lunch/lunch beers or is it okay to keep it to yourself?

Dave and I are anti-drinking mid-day at work. We’re at that age where it makes us sluggish rather than fun. Gotta save the fun drinking for after work when you have no responsibilities.

Are you hiring writers? If so, may I submit my divine resume? And when will you allow me to do a Q&A?

Full-time? No. Freelance? Yes. And never.

When you woke up this morning did you say to yourself ‘Today I’m gonna blog’ or ‘Today I’m gonna skate’?

Dave is such a Team Pup N Suds guy.

I feel asleep in a meeting today, do you think I will get fired?

Were you just sitting there doing that rapid head nod thing where you caught yourself dozing off numerous times? If so, probably yes.

Thoughts on karbach being bought out?

Everyone has a price. Mine is low as hell.


Delph, Smeltre, ATLguy

Marry Delph because dude is already planning a wedding, Fuck Smeltre, Kill ATLguy.

When are we going to get a DM feature on the website? Asking for a friend…

That’s what Twitter is for. Just make sure your handle is on your profile and your DMs are open.

anyone over there doing movember/no shave november?

Dillon mentioned it but not sure if he’ll follow through. I have a full beard right now so, like, I guess?

Is 11am too early to mail it in for the day and go to the bars?

Sounds like you’re on the west coast so I’m going to say no because they’re all about chill vibes out there.

Are the Maize and Blue contenders or pretenders?

Nightmares imagining what the ‘Bama defense could do to Speight. Jabrill, though.

One of my coworkers added me on snapchat. How do I handle this?

You need to either 1) get your coworker fired 2) hope he quits 3) start updating your rezzie and spend the weekend on

Sidenote: We just had double cheeseburgers for lunch so the vibe in Content Alley isn’t hype right now.

What did you think of that wing recipe I sent you?

You sent it like two days ago, I can’t just be eating wings every night, fam.

Who’s your picks for the wknd?

Haven’t looked at any games this weekend but is putting some scrill in my account so I plan on blowing it on Premier League and college games. I don’t bet on NFL because it’s too frustrating.

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Will deFries (Twitter / Instagram) is a Senior Writer at Grandex and the world's foremost authority on Sunday Scaries (Twitter / Instagram). Email me at

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